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Veterans Groups Condemn Trump as 'A National Disgrace' Over Reports He Called Fallen Soldiers 'Losers' and 'Suckers'

This poll is over three weeks old. But in any case, the number choosing "third party"is encouraging:



…and to think, this guy is still gonna capture a plurality of “white” Americans’ votes… they’re going to vote for Ecocide & Mass Extinction for no other reason than that POC will suffer first.

im embarrassed for you guys, tbh.
And im sorry in advance for what’s to come. But you guys have forced us into this position…

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Yes, but then, wasn’t it the Democrats who refused to take Tulsi Gabbard seriously?

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LOL, yeah!

As a veteran, he’s at least honest. So cloak yourself in partisan fake sanctimony all you want, but everything he said is what every ruling class turd thinks of us. And frankly, they’re not wrong. We were suckers.


It was looking great for the Greens about 2 weeks out in 2016, too. They completely abandoned ship at the end. Dragged the 5-7 percent Stein was consistently polling down to around 1 percent on election day.

Let’s hope one of these thirds has better voters than the Greens generate.


What is just as egregious is when veterans groups and those in the corporate media claim that those in the military should be viewed as being heroes. When I was in Vietnam many years ago what I did when I was there was far from being heroic especially given the fact that I ended up with PTSD and was there against my will. And then there is perhaps the most wretched phrase that one will ever hear and that would be the one where one mindlessly tells a veteran: “Thank you for your service.” And the super patriots are quite willing to do this even when they see that I am wearing a sweatshirt which has Vietnam Veterans Against the War written on it.

Now what one will rarely hear in the corporate media is that the true heroes of this country are those military personnel who had the wisdom and courage to say NO to the illegal and immoral orders which they had been given. A case in point is the GI rebellion which was on display during the American War on Vietnam and which, despite most Americans not being aware of this, was the largest mutiny in the history of the American military. David Cortright brings this out in his classic work called Soldiers in Revolt: GI Resistance During the Vietnam War as well as the powerful documentary Sir! No Sir!. But lauding thinkers instead of robots is something which the media and the politicians are quite loath to do.


Isn’t that kissinger is purported to have said ? “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used in foreign policy”??


I can honestly say it’s something I aspire to daily. I can do 10 nice things for the love of my life, and hope that 8 or 9 of them slip by with no notice. I can even feel sorry for people who don’t seem capable of discovering the soul-nourishing deliciousness of the secret, unnoticed favor.

Then again, that’s just love. Nothing to do with all this.


I recall reading about a veteran who was told that. His response “ I did not serve. I was used”.


I’m very surprised no-one here has noted the Biden quote at the end:

“I have long said that, as a nation, we have many obligations, but we only have one truly sacred obligation—to prepare and equip those we send into harm’s way, and to care for them and their families, both while they are deployed and after they return home,” Biden added.

Really? “The one truly sacred obligation?” To prepare the corporate cannon fodder for war, and to assure their devastated widows and orphans a pittance stipend when their flag-draped corpse is sent home and honored in a brief sanctimonious ceremony, or their mutilated but kind-of still functioning bodies or minds get a little bit of palliative care? THE one truly sacred obligation? Not to make sure that those that honorably serve are never, never, never put in harms way for anything but a direct threat to the nation, its people and Constitution? It’s not THE truly sacred obligation to assure that all of the American people are whole and healthy? It’s not a truly sacred obligation that our nation stands together with all other nations of the world to protect this world, and its inhabitants? It’s not THE truly sacred obligation to assure equality and swift justice for all? If I weren’t already NOT going to vote for this empty-shirt a-hole, this pusillanimous, empty mumbling would have sealed the deal.


“Dragged the 5-7 percent Stein was consistently polling down to around 1 percent on election day.”
Well, that was an existentially threatening election that needed all hands on deck to avert a political disaster. Patriotic third party voters had to hold their nose and vote Lessor Of Two Evils and, oops, we ended up with one of the two evils. Who’d a thunk ?


biden is pandering to voters. They are all the same. A war by a democrat is not different than a war by a republican.


Lesser of two evils still evil.


I believe so. The same Kissinger that would’ve become (and maybe still is) a behind the scenes darker evil senior advisor to Hillary Clinton and the foreign policy types she represents.


Wow…you are so bitter and have such a sad life.
I hope you’re getting psychological help. :cry:

Your statements are ridiculous.

Sad. Propaganda based on “anonymous sources”.
But it’s serving the intended purpose.

You are right, as I am extremely bitter as to what the military did to me and especially to the innocent people of Vietnam. I cannot push a button and turn off the images which play in my mind about what I had gone through when I was in the military. If you really think that military personnel, who belonged to an organization which killed and maimed and crippled people in foreign countries for the most specious of reasons are heroes, then I have some choice swampland in Florida which I can sell to you for a very cheap price.


We often hear of “white” casualties of generalized police terror – even from some Commons correspondents, embarrassingly enough – as if that somehow dilutes the white-supremacist origin of generalized police terror. The machine exists to enforce caste by targeting the casteless. Should a few “whites” get swept up as well, that’s the price we pay for exemplary POC suffering.

Should some “whites” die as collateral damage from the risk we’re taking (sometimes in the name of “herd immunity”) by deploying COVID for genocide by pandemic proxy, that’s the price we pay. It sucks to be “white” – they keep raising the bar on the required level of stupidity.