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Veterans Plan "Deployment" to Join Water Protectors' Battle Against DAPL


Veterans Plan "Deployment" to Join Water Protectors' Battle Against DAPL

Nika Knight, staff writer

Over 1,000 U.S. military veterans are planning to "deploy" to join the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and peacefully support the water protectors' fight against the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.


Michael Woods Jr.
" We took the oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic."

This is one time we can really thank these veterans "FOR THEIR SERVICE"!


Tremendous news! This is the kind of solidarity we need, and now it's happening. May the beautiful transformation begin. May we all contribute truly what we can, our sum will be greater than our parts.


"Bring body armor, gas masks, earplugs and shooting mufflers (we may be facing a Sound Cannon)..."

Weren't we supposed to get our Shorts all in a Knot 'cause Saddam did this to his own people?

And how can the Tear Gas, Sound Cannon, Rubber Bullets, COPS, etc. being used against us Citizens, and actually PAID FOR by us Citizens, possibly be justified?


There is a reason Clint Eastwood's movie "Heartbreak Ridge" is one of my all time favorites, and I mean that.

100% veterans - 100% !!!!!!!!!!!!


US ARMY Corps of Engineers - Statement Regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline

Posted 11/14/2016
Release no. 16-027

Moira Kelley (DOA)
Jessica Kershaw (DOI)

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Army informed the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Energy Transfer Partners, and Dakota Access, LLC, that it has completed the review that it launched on September 9, 2016. The Army has determined that additional discussion and analysis are warranted in light of the history of the Great Sioux Nation’s dispossessions of lands, the importance of Lake Oahe to the Tribe, our government-to-government relationship, and the statute governing easements through government property.

The Army invites the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to engage in discussion regarding potential conditions on an easement for the pipeline crossing that would reduce the risk of a spill or rupture, hasten detection and response to any possible spill, or otherwise enhance the protection of Lake Oahe and the Tribe’s water supplies. The Army invites discussion of the risk of a spill in light of such conditions, and whether to grant an easement for the pipeline to cross Lake Oahe at the proposed location. The Army continues to welcome any input that the Tribe believes is relevant to the proposed pipeline crossing or the granting of an easement.

While these discussions are ongoing, construction on or under Corps land bordering Lake Oahe cannot occur because the Army has not made a final decision on whether to grant an easement. The Army will work with the Tribe on a timeline that allows for robust discussion and analysis to be completed expeditiously.

We fully support the rights of all Americans to assemble and speak freely, and urge everyone involved in protest or pipeline activities to adhere to the principles of nonviolence.

Let's be abundantly clear. A division of the US ARMY has decided the construction should stop until "a final decision [is made] on whether to grant an easement.

That's the US ARMY. This isn't some bureaucrat sitting in Washington. The US ARMY is perfectly capable of intervening, and has every legal right to do so. Compare Eisenhower's calling out the 101st Airborne Division of the US ARMY to protect black students attempting to enter previously all-white schools in Little Rock Arkansas in 1957.

But Obama's been too busy pardoning turkeys, entertaining celebrities at the White House and slaughtering innocents abroad. What a gutless soldout lousy excuse for a leader, a champion of civil rights, America's first "black" president.

The military veterans gathering at Standing Rock are doing what HE should already have done.

Edit: I just sent emails to the two addresses in the header with a single question:

Why isn't the US ARMY enforcing your Nov. 14 decision that construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline stop pending a "final decision on whether to grant an easement"?


Hats off to these enlightened veterans who realize where their values should lie! Send money and supplies to the camps! Divest any funds you have in Energy Partners and the banks and boycott them!

Tell the craven president and DOJ to get off their thumbs and protect the People and the Land.


I don't consider people that join the military heroes for joining and serving. However, I am happy to say, these vets are my heroes as they are truly fighting to honor their pledge.
Thank you. A thousand times, thank you. Hurry, they need you now.


Godspeed to all the braves! May today be a Day of Atonement, A Day of Remembrance.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to our brave military veterans.

I am wondering if the dates chosen by our vets of Dec. 4 through 7 were chosen because they
were the days leading up to the peace negotiations ongoing with Japan, and then of course the
trickery and the attack that prevailed on December 7, 1941:

"Yesterday, December 7, 1941--a date which will live in infamy--the United States of America
was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the naval and air forces of the Empire of
Japan." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

To all of you brave men and women, my prayers go with you. Godspeed!


This is an honest thing to do.

In December of 1944 my father's 15,000 man division was captured in the Battle of the Bulge. They were in Europe with the belief that the Nazi policy of singling out "outsider" groups and imprisoning them (actually they were killing them) was evil. The Nazis hated American soldiers almost as much as they hated German Jews, and so POWs in Stalag 9B almost starved to death before Patton's tanks showed up in April.

It's clear to see that, simply based on the ethnic heritage of the Lakota Sioux, police were manipulating demonstrations in order to use dogs to bite the people open. Police hospitalized 20 people by spraying them with firehoses in freezing temperatures. People stood patiently in freezing water in front of police, who maced them. Many of the police won't do this any more and have gone home. They have moral standards for this country too.


A call to true duty


" And how can the Tear Gas, Sound Cannon, Rubber Bullets, COPS, ect. being used against US Citizens, and actually be paid for by US citizens, possibly be justified."

Of course, it can't. What you just described is the definition of DOMESTIC TERROR.


Have you watched the cops briefing to the media? They lie about all of it, No water cannons, only fire trucks for fires, no concussion grenades, the first Americans were blowing themselves up..no BS. That's how they're justifying it, by lying.


I agree. What a shame that the first black president was and is a total disappointment.


So good, so Powerful, the People rising, to Save our Sacred Earth Mother!!!


Best news that I have heard in weeks! Thank you to our brave veterans for taking up this worthy cause! This is a crime against indigenous people as was stated by the UN. Hooray for the vets, at least they know what they are doing vs militarized police. Thank you!


A hearty and deeply felt thanks for this great commitment of support from these vets! Godspeed, indeed!


Combining the military discipline these folks have learned with a non-violent MO - great combination! It will be interesting to see what the MSM does with this as well as the armed troops they face off against ....

And how about all those pols who pandered to vets during the election - will they "support" them now?


There are time when the USA adds value to the world. This is one of them.