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Veterans Tell Cuomo: Don't Touch the First Amendment


Veterans Tell Cuomo: Don't Touch the First Amendment

Veterans for Peace

St. Louis, MO - Recently, a compelling photo of a bleeding and seemingly confused young Syrian boy seated in an ambulance in Aleppo was widely distributed and commented upon in domestic and international news media. In response, some journalists have called for the Obama Administration to "take action," including bombing government military targets in Syria.

Veterans For Peace feels great sympathy for all of the victims in Syria, and for all who have lost family members, friends and loved ones in this terrible war.



I haven't figured out why the title refers Cuomo, but as veteran myself I can say that it literally makes me sick when I see the near unanimous press using emotional manipulation in order get more people killed. It manipulates Americans into participating in the slaughter under the false belief that they are on the side of the boy in the photo. Most Americans will never realize that this child would have preferred we keep our gift of "democracy."


While I applaud and support Veterans For Peace for their activism, it would be more coherent if this article explained why Cuomo is headlined and not mentioned even once in the body. It refers to this: "VFP Urges Gov. Andrew Cuomo to Rescind Executive Order 157" - Cuomo's EO 157 created a Blacklist for any group that supports the BDS movement against Israeli racism, ethnic cleansing, illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories, and the brutality of endless Israeli occupation/theft of Palestine!

Andy Cuomo is a career politician and evil MoFo with a record of numerous betrayals and vindictive retribution against opponants - capable of any filthy act including pandering to politically powerful groups regardless the moral depravity of such groups.


End The racist Israeli Occupation!




Good for you, Jared488! It's disgusting that the United States, which is my homeland and the country that I love, has never ceased getting involved in constant, illegal, and wrongheaded wars abroad just because these countries are governed by regimes that don't tally up with United States interests. It's high time we cleaned up our own backyard and got our own house in order!