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Vice President Biden, More of the Same Won't Work in Central America


Vice President Biden, More of the Same Won't Work in Central America

Alexander Main

Vice President Biden is a man on a mission. Over the last few weeks, the White House's go-to guy on Latin America has made every effort to persuade Congress to approve a $1 billion aid request for Central America.


Take all of the complaints about these Central American countries and apply them to Israel.

US money going to these countries will not stop any time soon just as US support of Israel’s murderous regime will not slow down. US interests forbid it.

And by the way, when did Biden become relevant?



Was curious while reading this how much the canal being attempted in Nicaragua is the reason for Biden’s activities. Went looking for recent news on the canal and though BRICS is mentioned almost automatically in all the articles, no indication that either BRICS or the Chinese government are financially committing to this project. Articles indicate that financial commitment is lagging, but Chinese/BRICS controlled canal could dramatically change the dynamics of the western hemisphere. Did learn that canal in Nicaragua was first contemplated in 1901 and US twice reneged on commitments to Nicaragua to build it.



Given the goals of The New World Order and what its elites have caused and/or created through their insidious insider trade pacts, it should be clear that 90% of the “largesse” defined as AID is really funding for domestic military outfits. That way, any entities that organize in order to stop corporations from seizing lands, ecosystems, and skilled labor (sans rights), can be termed “terrorism” (or the work of Leftist guerillas) and dealt with, accordingly.

The Mars-ruled Deep State adds misery to misery. This sadistic beast equipped with the heart and soul of a serial killer cannot stop himself. HE must be stopped.

THIS is the Gospel Truth:

“A second step would be to begin listening to human rights groups and workers in these countries. Their message has been clear: “Stop feeding the beast.” No more security assistance to governments that don’t hold police and military agents accountable for criminal acts. And no more development assistance that is channeled primarily toward supporting entrenched national elites and multinational interests, with no consideration for the rights of workers and communities.”


Blame yourself Lahey, It was the amerikan government that helped to overthrow the Honduran government back in 2009 and the country’s been going to shit ever since!