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'Vicious Sadist' Joe Arpaio Launches Senate Bid Months After Racial Profiling Conviction


'Vicious Sadist' Joe Arpaio Launches Senate Bid Months After Racial Profiling Conviction

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With candidates like Arpaio, the GOP is "exposing inflammatory hate for all to see," noted MoveOn.org's Ben Wikler


There is no doubt left. The USA is a criminal insane asylum and the inmates are in control.


And in the same theme:

Don Blankenship is attempting to run for the Senate seat of Joe Manchin in West Virginia. He’s running TV ads daily, and portraying himself as a “safety innovator” among other outlandish diametrically incorrect “truths.”

He should be in prison for negligent industrial homicide, but instead got a slap on the wrist and now he wants his revenge, like the Donald, and he believes, like Arpaio, his time has come.

For those with progressive leanings we know that to lose Manchin in the Senate is to lose nothing, yet the addition of Blankenship would be frightening. What’s a mother to do? We know that good ol’ Joe will twist himself into a reactionary pretzel, that will ensure complete political non-relevance (except to sink progressive causes). Stay tuned ladies and germs. Can’t wait to hear Blankenship also pledge his allegiance to Trump. Maybe that would be enough for Manchin to emigrate to the party he really belongs to anyhow…


This sounds like it may be part of a strategy for the white supremacists fascists to take over the Senate. While most of the establishment Republicans have been going along with fascist stuff those on the extreme right may not trust them and want a true believer like Arpaio in office despite his age. He is a year older than Diane Feinstein who is running for re-election in California. I think sadism is quite a common trait on the right. Attacking people with vicious verbal remarks and causing tremendous mental suffering seems to be common practice, particularly among alt-right tolls. Arpaio goes further and inflicts physical injury. Psychologists have found that right wingers have clear psychological personality traits (e.g., authoritarian personality) that are very different from people on the left. Arpaio seems to have those traits and has achieved a level of power which enabled him to carry out wide-scale abuse.


As bad as Manchin is on some issues I would not write him off completely. There is something to be said for a Democrat who is willing to try to work with Republicans. Looking back at the history of Congress that is how many of the most important things got done. Bernie Sanders was willing to work with Republicans on the Veterans Affairs committee (or whatever the name of that committee is) and was able to get important legislation passed. He had to compromise but if he hadn’t nothing would have been done.


Just asking: Am I MISSING SOMETHING? I thought that once a person had a felony arrest, they could not run for office.


Arpaio couldn’t get re elected sheriff. He has a lot in common with Roy Moore. A rabid following, including Trump.


He had a felony conviction, but was pardoned as you know. A standing felony conviction would not bar election, even if it barred you from voting. Grimm in Staten Island NY is running for his old seat with a felony conviction on his record.


What patronizing bullshit. Work with the Republicans how exactly - turning the screws a little tighter? Because that is ALL that is on the GOP agenda. I don’t live in WVa but we share their airspace. I doubt you understand the political dynamics there. It has gone as red as can be, is anti-government, anti-Democrat, and anti-environment via anti-regulation. Manchin must either march with that crowd, or be drummed out. He’s useless to progressive causes and initiatives, but of course that is not your concern.


he was pardoned by Pussy Grabber, remember?


so the best the GOP has to offer are an accused child molester, a proud Pussy Grabber who actually brags about sexually assaulting women, and now a convicted race criminal?

birds of a feather DO flock together.


My favorite presidential candidate in the history of our nation, Eugene V Debs, ran for President in 1920 while in prison as a convicted felon.


Thanks for your reply. I was not aware that a felony conviction would not bar election even if it barred you from voting. More powers for the crooks and liars!




Shades of J. Edgar Hoover. I have to wonder what secret Arpaio has buried in his closet.


I can assure you it isn’t in his closet but somewhere in the drifting sands of the Arizona desert.


Trump pardoned Arpaio (unpardonable pardon that) which merely says that Arpaio will not serve jail time: The felony conviction, however, stands. This November, Arizonians may have a wonderful chance to show the world that a convicted felon, one who will never, thanks to Trump, repay his debt to society and be rehabilitated by serving time, is not their choice to represent them.

Conversely, Arizonians may show the rest of us their middle finger, and elect Arpaio Senator. Arizonians will be on trial for history’s judgement. Come November, Arizonians can show their true mettle, much as Alabamians did recently. Are they up to it?


In most states you can’t vote with a felony conviction (depending on the felony), but you can hold office.
Go Figure, makes no sense.


Just what the Senate needs, another old, white, male, racist, sexist, authoritarian!


Yes, because he dared to publicly protest America’s entry into WW1.
“Felon” is a loaded, misleading word. Debs was a more honorable man, by far, than were those who persecuted him.