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Victims Charge CIA Torture Architects with 'Systemic Brutality'


Victims Charge CIA Torture Architects with 'Systemic Brutality'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The two psychologists credited with creating the brutal, post-9/11 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) torture regime are being sued by three victims of their program on charges that include "human experimentation" and "war crimes."


They deserve to be in jail for the rest of their lives.


Americans, in our dreamworld, cannot imagine that some in our government could possibly have tortured people or executed the 9/11 plot. We are a body politic with a cancer. The World can see the lesions, but we refuse to.


Since the kill numbers of the U.S. military establish it NOT as a peace-keeping force, but every bit the antithesis; there can be no compatibility between the field of Psychology and the military.

All of the would-be “helping” professions are based on the ideal: “First do no harm.” Therefore, since the military can be counted upon to spread terrific levels of harm around, no psychologist true to the field belongs inside the military’s ranks.

Most critical thinkers–particularly those who now recognize that 90% of what’s presented as News is nothing short of P.R. scripted propaganda–note that “embedded journalists” are not in any position to speak honestly or critically about foreign wars.

One could also add Christian chaplains to the list. While very much under-reported, the Christianization of the U.S. military involves the use of Crusade-style religious memes to foment a Holy War mentality and it also has these same chaplains “counseling” pilots on the NEED (Christian holy war obligation?) to drop ordnance on civilians.

I use the term “Mars rules” to expose the many ways that the war mentality and might-makes-right “ethos” of this persona have come to rule far too much of America… starting with that same MIC that Eisenhower all too presciently warned against.

The mergers between religion (patriarchal) and the War Machine, mass media and the War Machine, and psychologists and the War Machine are proof positive of a Death Culture. No wonder that Hollywood’s most dominant film imagery is that of guns, war, the objectification of women, and demonization of Necessary Bad Guys.


Too bad that JFK did not succeed in " smashing Allen Dullass and the CIA into a “thousand pieces”. Instead, unfortunately, the CIA smashed JFK and America into a thousand pieces as the fascist, CIA were successful in an American coup D’ etat in 1963 and have been able to still cover up the over throw and assassination of JFK over 50 years later. If the CIA had not succeeded in taking out JFK, America would probably be a much different country today. Probably no Vietnam and the 55,000 American soldiers, not to mention some 2 million Vietnamse would not have been murdered.

Probably even no 9/11 and the nefarious cover-up and fairy tale of the murders of 3,000 innocent American lives; with complete MSM censorship, just like in the assassination of JFK. The whitewash by the Warren Commission and by the 9/11 con mission, tells me nothing has changed because the same insane criminals are still running the CIA.


The actions that these men are taking who were brutally tortures is why our government is hesitant in releasing prisoners from Guantanamo who have been cleared of any wrong doing. They are afraid that they will tell the world what the Unites States did to them. The only way we will ever gain respect by the rest of the world is if we bring to account everyone who was involved in the US torture program. We need to start with those who created or approved of the program. Dick Cheney, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, legal advisers, members of Congress, and many others in the Bush Administration. We need to hold Obama to account for refusing to investigate war crimes. He does not have the option to look the other way in regard to war crimes. He is compelled by international law and US law to investigate all credible possibilities of war crimes. Most of all the media and the American people are to blame for what has happened to our country. We have been playing ostrich ever since 9/11. It is to difficult for many people to ever think about the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job.If you find it hard to believe that people in our government could be responsible for 9/11, take a good look at what they have done since 9/11. https://youtu.be/bm7bJwLI250


Thank You ACLU et al. We have to nail the legal status, to Protect the Future.

The Alien Tort Statute — allows federal lawsuits for gross human rights violations

Boy is that an understatement.


America’s Hubertus Strughold & Josef Mengele.


The US adopted torture as a central aspect of our wars against non-state enemies post 9/11 - a new “enemy” to perpetuate MICC for-profit war after the demise of the Soviet Union. These two “psychologists” deserve nothing less that the same treatment they concocted for others, imprisoned and often innocent, some “sold” to US forces for bounty money, and never given trials.

The odious and despicable John Yoo, author of the “Torture Memos” who wrote it would “be legal for the president to order crushing the testicles of a child to get the father to talk” was a principle architect of US torture policy - Yoo has had a recent interview on this subject linked below - this hideous creature is now astonishingly teaching at UC Berkely Law.

Yoo and his co-conspirator torture-defenders “redefined torture as pain resulting in organ failure or death. Their guidance defined torture as pain that “must rise to the level of death, organ failure,” but did not restrict it to acts that would actually result in organ failure or death”. Obama is complicit, along with AG Holder, for failure to prosecute the principles of US war-crimes & policy.

“We have met the Enemy, and he is us”


Thanks for the article - we have to keep this alive.
And if the ACLU abandons their support for Citizens United, I will re-join.
Be aware that the military torture program was more extensive than that of the CIA, and many civilian contractors were involved as well.


One more reason to continue to make my monthly automatic contribution to the ACLU.

Suggestion to those who believe the ACLU is supporting Citizens United, a
careful reading of this article may be a bit complicated to understand, but it
appears to be support for the 1st Amendment rather than the decision made
by the very typical 5 justices.

“Unfortunately, legitimate concern over the influence of “big money” in politics has led some to propose a constitutional amendment to reverse the decision. The ACLU will firmly oppose any constitutional amendment that would limit the free speech clause of the First Amendment.”


Beautifully said, Susan. Brava!

(one complaint: when others say “we” without qualification you rightly castigate them for imprecision. But your “psychologists” without qualification here is the same mistake. The vast majority of psychologists aim to make people’s lives better, not worse.)


This is excellent news! I hope the plaintiffs win sufficient punitive damages to beggar these malfeasors and their families for the rest of their lives. They knew they shouldn’t do what they did, but they did it anyway.

Primum non nocere.


Yeah, a “careful reading” shows that the ACLU ;thinks that money is speech and corporations are people.
They are not.


That is an excellent link, but that demonstration took place in 2009! It is now late 2015, six years later, and there is finally a charge against three people!

  • Cheney, Bush and others who were authors of this abhorrent practice are still free, uncharged (except for a few countries where they will be arrested and sent to the Hague if they set foot there). Cheney, Bush and a host of others are on the cocktail circuit, telling the rich and powerful that, given the chance, they would do it again. They are proud of torture and terror and make hundreds of thousands of dollars bragging about it.
  • The propagandized people in the US Fourth Reich finally seem to be awakening to what is happening. There are increasing demonstrations, even in the face of increasing police brutality.
  • We the People of the World do seem to understand that the Reich and its Axis of Evil are the most malignant cancer in the world and are beginning to fight back. Fighting back against the endlessly spreading wars, the Troika, the World Bank, the IMF, all basically run by the Reich and its minions to enslave the people of the world with poverty and terror.
  • The list of war criminals, just from the Reich, would clog the Hague for years, but if they kept at it, eventually the global stench would decline. Perhaps We the People of the World would once again breathe the fresh air of freedom and love.


the term “Mars rules”…I hear what you are saying…

The thing that really scares me is this affect on the militarization of women.
Pretty sure the Israeli mandatory armed service is this type indoctrination.

If we loose the feminine to the mars practice of domination, woe is the outcome. Cause I’m loosing the feeling of Venusian influence here, even the women in power exhibit mars forms of strategy.

Any thoughts there…

I think everyone has male “need to dominate” nailed down…
Where the hell is nurturing…
And where is the conversation regarding the feminine…
I need an opposing narrative


Unlikely. Today’s ACLU is very different to the old socialist-flavored one. This one appears to have become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem wing of the oligarchy.

Their weasel-worded disclaimer of support for the CU decision almost made me sick up. Any organisation concerned with fairness – as the old ACLU was – would have written something on the order of [quote]To claim that the political playing field is level and fair even when one side has megaphones and the other does not is like saying that the distribution of ice is fair because the rich get it in the summer and the poor in the winter. A level political playing field requires that all voices be equally audible. CU should be overturned and the Constitution amended to exclude from the definition of legal political speech (a) the spending of more than incidental amounts of money and (b) the “speech” attributed to inhuman entities such as corporations.[/quote]


Yea, verily yea!


Prof. Chemerinsky has exactly the right idea: prosecute and convict Yoo, and then strike him off the rolls permanently. Yoo failed the basic ethical test for a lawyer: don’t tell your client it’s okay for them to commit crimes.


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