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Victorious Corbyn Survives Another Day as Labour Says He Will Appear on Ballot



Note to Bernie: THIS is a fighter for principle, not a capitulator to fear and loathing. Good for Britain that they have a fighter, shame on the u.s. (although in some odd perspective, the Republicans threw out their establishment ordained candidate(s) and voted in a ass, but at least not a party sanctioned ass (Bush, Rubio, Kasick,Fiorina, Cruz, Graham, etc.).


So wouldn't it be interesting if Corbyn becomes prime minister?????


So Rarely has the opportunity been apparent and afforded for British people to have a real say about the policies they wish for? As the party system exists this man is a giant on offer, enough is enough, and not enough is not enough! This man is Labour true and true. No to NATO and nuclear weapons.
A break from the old British Empire mentality. The forging of a united effort to change Europe and the EU from continuing on the perilous path to becoming a tool of the USA's military bullying occupier of 'the free world'. This man alone estranged by the MSM,particularly in Britain, is like a beacon of hope! He represents much more than Brexit. He represents the fight that Labour fought for long ago. He's a worthwhile candidate for change and he's demonstrated his preparedness for fight. He is the leadership and his bedrock is the courage of his support. May God bless all their efforts! Any thing is better than continuing as things stand. The sheer audacity of the Conservative British establishment in so many forms is devastating to human beings evrry where. May nuclear armaments be declared unilaterally as being not necessary for humanity and may they be declared so by the British citizens in everybody's interest. May British voters assume a conciliatory attitude towards Russian efforts to have peaceful collaboration within Europe and may they do much to withdraw from NATO's and the USA's unsustainable and aggressive, bullying postures to human beings on this endangered planet. May Britain become great, not again but for once..


I have withdrawn my invitation to Sen Sanders to become British PM should Mr Corbyn not be so elected. I trust that Sen Sanders has taken note.


Here's a peculiar thing! Britain is not the issue. The issue is Zionism. That's the relevant issue. Tony Blair said so. Most European leaders said so. Over many years i was spoken about. The UK political establiishment it's what's called the free world and also called Democratic countries, is a what? It's a capitalist con job! It's always been a con job. It's most stalwart defenders are those who in spite of knowledge and despite forthcoming understanding find it impossible to believe they have been wrong!

What we'll end up is with many convincing personal ideologies to say vote Democrats. Its futile to go vote for Trump? He's a fascist pig? So, heaven help us if you have to vote Clinton. It's a false option and its also false to day a vote for another means a Trump victory. Those who maintain so are like those who say Israel's State is not important. Everything that i principled should be invoked and applied so Trump fails and by such an is failure itself. Long term or medium term vote for neither, and don't be fooled by smart alternatives. Make the only statement allowed and vote for Trump before you all 'you',?' or could vote for and against him? Don't be put off by arguments by seeming beings that its not worthwhile. It is. Regardless!


Good for Corbyn. He operates in a system more democratic than our own.


It's not all good news. According to The Independent:

"Amid fears of a party split, the meeting of the National Executive Committee also provided a concession to Mr Corbyn's critics - tightening the rules about who can vote in a leadership contest.

Last time it was open to anyone prepared to pay £3 - and it was the £3 supporters, more than the paid up party members, who gave Jeremy Corbyn his swingeing victory.

This time, supporters will have to re-register and pay £25. And the thousand of new recruits who have joined the party since the referendum will have to pay that fee if they want to vote, because the executive has ruled only those who have been party members for at least six months will have an automatic right to vote."


Sounds like a poll tax.


From Tsipras to Corbyn and Sanders: This is not the Left we want


Thanks for the link. Good food for thought.


Thank you!


Its politics folks.

Question - How does Sanders' endorsement of Clinton change things for the movement that supported him, as for the issues that matter to the left?


Go Corbyn Go.


We'll find a way to stay united. maybe by joining different groups that can band together in the end. Not sure how it will happen but am hoping against hope that it does.


Sounds to me that the Labour Party does not want to be the Labour Party but to remain the Mini-Thatcher Party as created by Tony Bliar.

I trust that Corbyn will not let this stop him but will split the Labour Party if necessary and let the next General Election determine the future.


Certainly "the party limited to those who have disposable income" anyway.