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Victory at Last!


Victory at Last!

Tom Engelhardt

It was bloody and brutal, a true generational struggle, but give them credit. In the end, they won when so many lost.


The generals took over in 1963, in Dallas, Texas.

And as Tom points out, the deep state is now the visible state - for all to see.


I venture that the military take-over has been an ongoing, rolling coup since at least 1947, with the creation of the CIA & other factors. The Korean War, 1950, was conducted w/o Congressional approval, showing clearly who was in charge.

Lots of mileposts since of course, including Vietnam, and after 9/11 the changeover shifted into overdrive.

But whatever, it’s obvious that USA is definitely a military dictatorship with nominal democratic window dressing.


In the eyes of our rulers, it really doesn’t matter whether the wars are won or lost.

The most important consideration to these monsters is that wars be fought.

That is all that is necessary to ensure that war machines are produced, so that the bank accounts of the arms producers and peddlers will be fattened.


" The generals took over in 1963, in Dallas, Texas."

They along with the whitewash of the Warren omissions were covertly, guilty of the most egregious treason: an American, surreptitious coup d’ 'etat that used Oswald as their patsy. Trump is the inevitable, transparent result for all to see.


The war profiteers always win!


Was it Einstein who defined Insanity as “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” ?
OTOH, the M.I.C. doesn’t really WANT a different result.  Their profits have been just fine for the past several decades, thank you very much.


“War is good business, invest your son” - Allen Ginsburg


We all need to regularly say “No!” to war, and when we are bullied by fake patriots we need to say “Bullshit! The people who lie us into war are the traitors!”


Very wealthy “traitors”.


I am just now re-reading “American Caesar”, by William Manchester (1978) - about Douglas MacArthur.

I went to the section on the beginning of the Korean War - very revealing.

I agree with your quote above. Perhaps in complex and large hierarchies an authoritarian leadership is the default position - perhaps democracy has really only ever been an experiment. With 50 % turnout - well - there are really no upsides to this that I can think of.

In any case, maybe it’s time for an “I Think” moment - here on Tom’s thread - all welcome??

I think we should lift the sanctions Russia, North Vietnam, etc., and get a grip on reality.

Vladamir Putin just said we should “restore international law.”

That would be a good idea I think.


Intersting article - but virtually worthless in the toolbox when not integral to the narrative are the corporate interests in mining and other “resources” that buckle the collars on the military and the stunningly persistent presence of the ever-so-stylish gluttony of the private mercenaries that break bad wind all over every possibility for integrity of the right to REAL education of value.

Dang! the history of the slime masquerading the 007 GQ man Paul Manlyfart, I mean Manafort for instance


True enough. But for Trump and his generals to truly win, they’ll have to start arresting/killing people in this country. AG Sessions gave us his first list today, about 900K possible targets, or so. Trump’s booting transgender folks out of the military was a tell, too. ( You just can’t count on folks pulling the trigger on their own " others ", so the purge. ) Gays, minorities, ex-vets, Antifa and their supporters ( maybe Chomsky and Hedges will really up the ante and completely sell these guys out first :wink::wink::wink:), Muslims, et al. Where will the true believers end?
It’ll be interesting to see who the Democratic Party’s liberals shove into the sacrifice zone first, as well. They’re going to have to pick some group(s) to feed the white nationalist base of Herr Trump. The slippery slope is now the rolling avalanche. The Empire is befuddled by all the setbacks. Time for the Police & Security State to dust off those old boxes of loyalty oath documents. The big " sorting out " by mad dogs, madmen, and political cowards is upon us. Herr Trump’s army contains 20-25% of folks who sympathise with Neo-Nazi order. Hello!
The liberals will go along to get along. They always defer to generals and someone else taking the bullet for them. They’re very generous that way.


Trump appears to be following Goebbels hit list which will also include the disabled. Paul Ryan will get his wish to end the Social Security disability program.


Traitors should be shot.

Anyone out there need a job?


Just as the best Congress money can buy decriminalized financial fraud during the past forty years, they decriminalized sedition, treason and other crimes, concurrent with their criminalizing whistleblowing and other activities essential to sustaining democracy.


Reich 3.1


add in the DACA folks, now fish in a barrel.