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Victory: Environmental Licence for São Luiz do Tapajós Hydroelectric Dam Denied


Victory: Environmental Licence for São Luiz do Tapajós Hydroelectric Dam Denied

Sue Branford, Mongabay

Brazil’s environmental agency, Ibama, has decided not to give an environmental license to the São Luiz do Tapajós hydroelectric dam, the first of a series of dams planned for the Tapajós river basin. The project’s rejection is seen as a significant victory by the Munduruku indigenous people — whose livelihoods and lands would have been impacted, and by environmentalists.


The only bad news is for whoever lives downstream :grin:


It will take eight AP-1000 nuclear rectors to replace the zero-CO2 power this dam would have produced. But unfortunately, becasue everyone is opposed to nuclear around here, they instead will generate the electricity with non-zero CO2 sources like coal - producing about 73,000,000 tons of CO2 per year.


That's the conundrum, isn't it?

Us northers hemisphere inhabitants, want to help the poor southern hemisphere dwellers and lift them out of poverty. Well, there's one thing that made us rich and prosper: energy. That's what most do-gooders don't understand. You can't just snap your fingers and everyone has a fridge, washing machine, TV and a fully developed comms network. You need energy for that. And, as much as i like solar and other "renewables", the technology is not there yet to totally power a country. If it was and was not prohibitively expensive we'd have it here right now.

Until then, it's dams, coal and nukes.

Trivia here: On of the "great achievements" of Harvey "Solartopia" Wassermann was to stop the building of a garbage incinerator that would double as an electrical power plant. The garbage went to land fill. My guess is, the needed power was supplied by a coal or natural gas fired plant.


Dam problems: 1.Sediment, 2.Environment, 3. Landscape, 4.Migration, etc. Also, maybe the Munduruku indigenous people are just jim dandy without a fridge, washing machine, television, etc. After all put simply, not everybody wants to be like Mike( Jordan). Finally, please do not send them the christian missionaries either, I believe the Mununruku people are just fine the way they are. I am sure they will notify us if things change.