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'Victory': Federal Judge Invalidates Latest Trump Effort to Kill DACA

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/15/victory-federal-judge-invalidates-latest-trump-effort-kill-daca


If we added up the number of drumpf court losses to all of drumpf’s bankruptcies, it would add up to the hundreds! A loser indeed. And the fact that his supporters don’t know this or don’t care, speaks volumes about their character. Sociopaths and psychopaths. Talk about there ought to be a law!

No Ethics, No Morals, No Conscience, No Intelligence, No Redeeming Values! Bankrupt! A nation of bankrupt people! Good grief!

And they want to throw DACA people out of the country!!!

There’s no way drumpf earned a diploma or any kind of college degree without cheating his way. He’s a complete imbecile.


Excellent news! Now, let’s make them permanent citizens and/or give them a path to citizenship! It is the right thing to do.
Every. Single. One. Of these Trump appointees need to be out by Jan. 20th !


As a fairly gifted mathematician, I give you this:

Real immigrants >> imaginary presidents


So, just like the average mobster, DACA got off on a technicality.
Maybe the democrats will finally learn from their mistakes of 2009 and 2010. Instead of relying on a kindred presidents last second signing statements, try legislating instead. The Democratic Party has stabbed the immigrant and refugee communities in the back for decades with their empty promises and worthless platitudes. It’s time they made amends. And that would also go a long way to shore up the parties wavering support among Hispanics. There is not a reason in the world that the democrats shouldn’t have at least 80-85% support among that community. It seems that Hispanic voters have higher expectations than the res of the democratic coalition. They expect results.


My Gramma’s dad fled starvation in County Cork, Ireland, bearing no more than the clothes he was wearing, and a dream. He became a doctor.


You know how coaches play the refs by complaining so they might get a favorable ruling later in the game?
I hope our judges don’t fall for trump’s crazy number of suits and appeals.
Our old friend from Iowa said one time it’s time to pop some melons.
Did he mean the garden variety?

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