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'Victory for Democracy' as Court Rules Against North Carolina Gerrymandering

'Victory for Democracy' as Court Rules Against North Carolina Gerrymandering

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Partisan gerrymanders are quite simply undemocratic," declared one of the advocacy groups leading the legal challenge against North Carolina Republicans

Yes, they will not stop. So that means we must not stop. If you feel discouraged, take a break, and then come back into the fight. It’s all hands on deck for the foreseeable future.


Time to end the Republican stall tactics and let the court appoint the district boundary drawers. We need new fairer districts in place for 2018.

This could help level the playing field in the November election. The gerrymandering by the Republicans certainly looks like election rigging. They hate liberal liberals so much that they are willing to undermine democracy to achieve their ends. Democracy has to be fought for constantly. This is one more battle in a non-ending struggle for a democratic society.

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I have a mathematical algorithm called centricity. It produces relatively compact electoral districts. If it were applied to every instance of finding electoral districts, gerrymandering would be gone.

“A republic if you can keep it” was Ben Franklin’s reply to a query concerning the form of government being established. The founding fathers knew so damn much about history and human nature it boggles my mind. Of course, they had time to ponder such without the last or next “big game” filling the screen…

i was able to find a centricity algorithm in medicine in a search - but what you mention sounds interesting - care to expand?