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Victory for Democracy as Court Sides with Voters over 'Self-Dealing Legislators'


Victory for Democracy as Court Sides with Voters over 'Self-Dealing Legislators'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a decision hailed as a "major victory for voters," the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld an Arizona ballot initiative, adopted by voters in 2000, which took redistricting power away from elected politicians and gave it to a nonpartisan commission.


I hope the vile Antonin Scalia (who gave us GWB for a president) will have massive heart palpitations over these recent decisions and consider retiring. Probably not, though.


Must also watch who buys the commission members.


“Today’s decision is a victory for representative democracy and a sharp rebuke to the Arizona legislators who sued to overturn the popular will of the state’s citizens in order to regain their ability to handpick their constituents and safeguard their seats through blatant political gerrymanders.”
—J. Gerald Hebert, Campaign Legal Center

That’s a victory for DIRECT Democracy if you please. Who needs sell out representatives to decide for us when We the People can decide for ourselves?


I know the GOP will hate that ruling…ye hawww.!!


The less politicos have to do with the election process the stronger true Democracy becomes. This truism also includes campaign financing which has come to mean little but the monied interests paying the mainstream media for page space and airtime.
Everybody wins except the voter who once was the reason for elections in the first place.


Those four reactionary “Justices” actually represent a tiny minority of public opinion on most matters. The entire top political representation in the three branches of US government has been hard skewed to the right by decades of strategic corporatist investment in think-tanks, politicians, campaigns, and propaganda.

Only a revulsionary crystallization of popular consciousness and action can overturn this mis-representative structure. How can we help catalyze such crystallization?


The implications of this ruling will be fascinating to watch as they unfold in all 50 states. Political junkies and Nate Silver @ 538 just found something to chit chat about as we head toward the 2020 census. If Scalia, Ginzberg and/or Breyer or Kennedy retire between 2016 and 2019, it will be quite the political free for all. Safe districts and safe votes won’t be so safe and the $$$ will be bouncing around like a pinball. Which is the new normal unless we get this " money train politics ", derailed.


A potentially important victory.
The 5-4 close call, however, is more of a REMINDER of our dangerous times than something to celebrate.


Vile he is, but did not act alone for W.
— He had plenty of help including from the Gore camp itself:
• which did NOT ask for a statewide recount in Florida
• which caved in to pressures and capitulated, ignoring the pleas of the Black Caucus which told of tens of thousands of nullified votes in that 537-vote “victory.”
• which had selected Joe Lieberman as vice in part to seek right-wing Cuban votes.

Lest we forget, the Nation, and the Election was betrayed by a number of sources.


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We can’t reach people via the media, since THEY own it. So, I think, it’s gotta be hand-to-hand combat: We have to put a CD flier/story directly into people’s hands and beg them to read it. Tell them this is what the government and Wall Street media are hiding from you…

As you may have linked to me (can’t remember now!) Several economists/authors I have read now calculate that real unemployment is 42 percent, using the gov’s own figures of hours worked and known population of abled-bodied persons 16-68. If so, we are going to have to wade out into tent-cites all on the outskirts of American towns and ghettos and let them know who did this to them (The One Percent.)

Right now, they are blaming themselves for being unable to find work.


The people who gave us Slick Willie were the same folks who took down the Glass-Steagall Act which led to the financial meltdown of 2008…which they profited enormously from. Not that Bob Dole wouldn’t have done the same, but he at least could keep his pants on and not be compromised by his sexual proclivities.


You are probably right. It’s hard to say if Gore would have let 9/11 happen, make it look like 19 Arabs did it with box cutters, and launch what looks to be decades of pointless war. I’m thinking he would have had to be taken out first, Kennedy style, which would have made LIEberman the POTUS. It’s hard to know though.