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Victory for Democracy as Supreme Courts Blocks 'Merciless' GOP Effort to Restrict Mail-In Voting in Rhode Island

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/13/victory-democracy-supreme-courts-blocks-merciless-gop-effort-restrict-mail-voting


And who is going to protect our Post Offices and their equipment –
sorting machines for instance –

Where are the nation’s psychiatrists?

This by a poster here – NIEMAND –

Why are the Dems not impeaching him? Malfeasance and misfeasance that disrupt an important public function for partisan reasons is certainly a “misdemeanor”

“SECTION 4. The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

They should be impeaching him and pointing loud fingers at the GOP until he is gone . Why would they wait?

Because the head of the executive branch appoints the PMG, it’s a public office within the meaning of Sec 4. Madison even made the point that the Prez cannot shelter an appointee who’s doing things the prez wants done but are bad for the nation.


Rethuglicons and oligarchs don’t want you to vote. Is that good with you??

If you are truly, anywhere on the political left, not a bot, not a shill, the raw truth is this:
If you don’t vote, or vote kanye crap, you are in serious denial if you don’t think your life will change 180’ with more countless (could happen) years of tinpot dictator Dump and his sociopathic/narcissistic ilk in power!

Wake up now.


Gangsters rarely impeach gangsters, especially not gangsters from the same organization.


LET’S HOPE THAT THE DAMN DEMS WILL NOW EMBARK ON A FULL FLEDGED ATTACK ON VOTER SUPPRESSION SO THAT WE CAN HAVE A FAIR AND JUST ELECTION FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS! Yes it is wondrous indeed that the supreme court voted as it did. JOhn Roberts is turning out to be somewhat of a surprise.


I’m surprised that anyone who’s completely and irreparably morally bankrupt, (like John Roberts and every single person who ever shook his hand without holding their nose), will uphold anything right and just. There must be some hidden selfish motive I can’t see at present.

It will be there some where – but the only really truly controllable SC
Justice for Trump are Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas – put there
because they could control them.

Robert’s fascist rally to stop the vote counting in Miami Dade County also
give him lifetime membership as fascist. See: Brooks Bros. Rally

The test will be Roe – which will also include taking us backwards into ban
on birth control. See: Trump attacks on United Nations programs to dispense
birth control/contraceptives to women internationally – and info on abortion.
Trump actually stopped them from doing it –

It’s not real power that allows this to happen – it is the power of money and weapons
which the US has had in abundance to threaten the United Nations – and by that
means the very intent of the UN has been destroyed. As well as by assassination as
the opening shot of Dag Hammarskjold.

The right wing doesn’t really need money as it is dedicated to violence as all dictatorships
have been run – but now they also have the wealth to buy government and quite a few
corrupted human beings who work for them.

The money is just more convenient – less messy than assassination – and the Supreme
Court gave them the power for that in “Corporations United.”


Rhode Island has few electoral votes, and it’s a very Democratic Party state. RI’s four electoral votes would go to Biden regardless of the SCOTUS decision. This decision allows Roberts to look unbiased and nonpartisan without costing Trump any electoral votes.

SCOTUS may change direction if and when it rules on a GOP challenge to mail-in voting in a large swing state like Pennsylvania.

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As SinEagleSam wrote above.
49 states to go.
It will only take five or six state wins by republicans in disrupting mail in voting
to re-elect the looney el trumpo.
In person voting polled strong for republican peoples.

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…The GOP should give up itself’s right to LIVE!!!..PHKN terrorists!!!..

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Its an excellent point. The completely corrupt Supreme court has forgotten completely about the very premise of rule-of-law, and has become, under the corrupt right wing rule of republicans primarily, but democrats as well, an appendage of corporate will, nothing more. On occasion, when it does no harm to their cause, the illusion of propriety is of some concern, but propriety is not in any way part of their right wing agenda. Presidential appointees to this court, highly partisan, partial, biased in their rulings, unanswerable to the constitution and all precedent; they might as well have been hired mercenaries to do the job instead of lawyers. There is no validity left to the entire institution, and with people like Barr running the justice department overall, the transformation is complete; the entire judicial branch of government who’s only role is the destruction of due process, of the constitution, and ultimately the wholesale permanent elimination of the United states as as an example of self determination and representative government that could be dangerous to their fascist global ambitions.

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Hello ultraviolet,

My perspective is very different. Like most states, mine has a winner take Electoral delegate policy. And, like all but a few swing states, one Party has an overwhelming representation among the population. So, the reality is that, there is absolutely no question who my states delegates will go to. I will vote Green or Socialist. It won’t change the outcome of my state - it never has.

The situation is quite different in swing states. That is why Republicans are working to restrict voting in those states. This is another reflection of the profoundly anti-democratic nature of the US. This isn’t a new development brought out by Trump. The US has never had a democratic electoral process.