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Victory for Dissent as Government Drops Charges Against Group of J20 Protesters


Victory for Dissent as Government Drops Charges Against Group of J20 Protesters

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

This is a developing story and may be updated...

In a series of victories for civil disobedience rights on Thursday, the U.S. Attorney's Office (USAO) dropped charges and dismissed several cases against people involved with the #DisruptJ20 march during President Donald Trump's inauguration, and a federal judge sanctioned prosecutors for lying about evidence.


"…relying heavily on recordings by the right-wing activist group Project Veritas.

Following a revelation last week that “prosecutors suppressed potentially exculpatory evidence,” known as a Brady violation, it was revealed in an overnight filing by defense attorneys that the government concealed 69 Project Veritas audio and video files and altered other recordings.

In response to the new Brady violations, at a pre-trial hearing on Thursday, Superior Court Judge Robert Morin dismissed conspiracy charges with prejudice—meaning that they cannot be refiled—but dismissed lesser charges without prejudice, meaning the government can still pursue those, according to reporters from the Huffington Post and Unicorn Riot".

The government “concealed evidence” …
What’s the penalty for that?

Sound like James O’Keefe is back in action again … !!!


The elite don’t mind. They scared the crap out of those protesters and anyone else who was paying attention. None of them will be quick to repeat their resistance. The fascists are ruthless…


We are living in a fascist corporate tyranny state.
We beg for the crumbs of justice from a government that seeks to destroy democracy and
citizens who non-violently protest.
I recall Thomas Jefferson speaking about what to do about tyrannical governments, and what waters
the tree of liberty.
We may be coming to that point in this corrupt, degraded country.


Violent overthrow of Fascist Government like this is inevitable.


Traitors running the courts obviously… all of them deserve a noose.


That prosecutors can violate the law and Civil Rights in order to try and imprison peoples for trying to exercise those rights , wherein the only thing that happens is that “The Case is dropped” is NOT a victory for dissent.

There can only be a victory when those in Government that sought to hide evidence are themselves prosecuted for crimes. There was absolutely ZERO cost to the Governments and prosecutors attempt to bypass civil liberties and rights outside the cost to the taxpayer. The Government can do this each and every time such a thing occurs and will do so. This in an of itself is all they need do so as to ensure dissent of any type is extinguished.

A “sanction on prosecutors” is not enough. They have to go to jail and forfeit their careers just as they had hoped would happen to those they tried to prosecute.


There needs to be a huge lawsuit for malicious prosecution against these evil prosecutors and they need to lose their law licenses over this. Prosecuting these people for demonstrating their civil rights and duty to protest evil in this country is unamerican and a violation of our Constitutional rights which we won’t have much longer if we don’t get out and vote in November and kick the bums out! Too many Americans are taking our democracy for granted. It takes a lot of work to keep this Democracy, especially now as we are under protracted assault from billions from the Koch brothers. Please everyone get out and vote in November or their will be hell to pay and much blood and death. We can only stop this now by voting or else we will be living in Nazi America. Who will stop us then. Read Democracy in Chains. This time they are planning to use our giant military to take over the world for fossil fuels and mining and pollution. Nothing will be left when these evil greedy men and leash the All-Devourer on the world.


What have you read that tells you the protestors got scared and have eschewed such protests in the future? I haven’t seen that story anywhere.

It wouldn’t scare me off. I’d come back doubly committed.


Pb, I love your spirit and agree with your wishes, but I still haven’t seen any viable plans by anybody, especially people ready to die in such a fight. And die they will. You’ve heard me before: I was damn impressed by what “the man” did and used against the water protectors. And that was just a taste of what the gubmint will do…and the protestors were unarmed. What will this neo-Nazi regime do if wethepeople are armed and swarm?


I don’t believe you have sufficiently understood the fear of having the US Government trying to bury you in a hole for twenty years. Just the cost in lawyers alone…the sheer insanity and pressure of living under the fear of prison for a year…no my friend those poor people have a new understanding of the nature of those they opposed. It’s different when you look at something like this from the inside…You will unfortunately someday probably be confronted with insane power of the machine…they are only going to grow more authoritarian.


Dan, to a milder degree, I’ve “been there.” I do understand to some extent both the feelings and thoughts you compassionately describe.

I’m also acutely aware of what the US government is and always has been. I’m no history scholar, but I know enough to be disgusted, ashamed, loathing, alarmed, and furious. Notice I didn’t say disappointed or surprised.

I am just asking if you’ve read or heard that the folks arrested and charged are indeed backing off. Of course, I wouldn’t blame them for backing off. Haven’t I, in fact if you’ve read my postings, warned people that open, armed rebellion will bring unforeseen consequences raining down on their heads. Patriotism takes on a whole new meaning when you can bet you’re going to die in standing up to evil. And this government is the very embodiment of evil.


Rebellion can take on different forms. Armed, perhaps, however I believe only a minority would resort to this as the outcome would be catastrophic.

Most likely, the best alternative to showing the establishment that “their time has come to leave office” would be a massive nationwide display of Americans exercising their 1st Amendment Rights to Free Speech by assembling in front of every Statehouse and Established hall of government demanding resignations for the crooks who have conspired with this administration to subvert our Democracy and rob from all of us.

This will take a committed population of millions and will require an organization that warns these criminals what’s coming.

In the end, perhaps the nonviolent approach is the only one that will prevail.


From your lips to the ears of the universe…


Unfortunately that is something the media would never ever talk about. I agree with you on many levels. I have mixed opinions on the matter. I have been the victim and have seen how fast the government can turn your life from no fault of your own, into a nightmare. To be frank they scare the hell out of me and I hate them for it. I would willingly fight and die for this country, but nobody else seems to feel the same. Until they do…anything I did would only end up making me into a victim. The other thing is that dying is easy…the thought of being locked up in a cage for twenty years is way beyond imagining. That is worse then death. I will not be locked up in a cage…so for me it is all or nothing. I wait and I wait for people to rise up and take back their freedom, but they never do. No matter what has been done to them. It is very demoralizing to wake up to this reality day after day.


The key to victory in any movement is unity of mind and perseverance.


Dan, first, let me say that I’m really sorry for the horrors you’ve been thru. We’ve been sold a lie about “the land of the free and home of the brave,” among others. It’s very discouraging and sad.

I agree with what you say about death vs imprisonment, a choice we shouldn’t have to be considering in this “democracy.”

As for demoralizing…amen. It’s infuriating, too, and I’ve turned into a not-so-nice person because I hope daily for the most painful deaths of everyone in the Cabal and the filthy rich stringpullers behind them. I don’t even have enough adjectives in my vocabulary to describe these monsters adequately. Give me a rattler, a wolverine, a grizzly, or a rabid dog any day above any of the organisms in our government. Feh…


You’re right, of course. I’m just tired…but can’t give up.


I do not want to be right Toni.

I want to be happy.

I want everyone to be happy.


That’d be nice, but we’re in the wrong country for that, PB!

It looks like the best we people of conscience can hope for is momentary happiness while gardening, while watching birds, while watching an awesome movie like Coco, while dancing, while painting, etc.