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Victory for First Nations in Northern Gateway Fight


Victory for First Nations in Northern Gateway Fight

Andy Rowell

In a stunning victory for First Nations and environmentalists, a Canadian court has overturned the approval of the highly controversial Northern Gateway pipeline in Canada.

The country’s Federal Court of Appeal ruled yesterday in a 2-to-1 decision that the government had failed to adequately consult with First Nations over the pipeline, which will severely impact their way of life.


When those first early settlers arrived in Canada they were greeted warmly by the First Nations people who welcomed the trade and contact. According to John Ralston Saul , in its early years of its founding Canada was a blend of the European and the First Nations peoples in its outlook very much different than other nations settled by the Europeans which became wholly European. This all changed with the arrival of that mentality advanced by the likes of Cecil Rhodes , that being the ideology of Empire and Anglo Saxons the only race “fit” to rule the world.

The First Nations peoples have won a number of very important Court cases in the Supreme Court of Canada and this is one of the most significant. It helps to reinforce their role in Canadian Society and a strengthened role for these people can only help Canada and the rest of its people as a whole. Power must be wrested away from the Corporations and the Empire builders and returned to the people and our First peoples have begun that process.

In order to survive and protect our environment we need them more now than ever.

Enbridge was offering many millions of dollars to the tribes whose lands these pipelines would cross and in the vast majority of cases the tribes refused that money choosing instead to protect the land they lived on. We owe them yet another debt of gratitude.