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'Victory for Humanity': Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons to Take Effect as Honduras Becomes 50th Nation to Ratify

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/25/victory-humanity-treaty-banning-nuclear-weapons-take-effect-honduras-becomes-50th


In other news, 50 black people sign a pledge not to join the KKK. “All we need now is to get some white people to sign up!”


This a list of the Nations that have signed this treaty. It is missing a few of the late signers.


There no excuse for Canada not being on it.


Jake- Great Article… Nuclear Weapons, old Nuclear Power Plants and Biosphere/Climate Change-Collapse are all ELTs…Existential Life Threats… Trump has signed/approved the Next Generation Nuclear Weaponry Systems (which Obama may have initiated)…I would say that Biden agrees with these as well, since he has not said otherwise…

Nuclear Weapons: can be used directly as they were -unnecessarily on the humans of Nagasaki & Hiroshima, and on the humans of Iraq via Depleted Uranium Artillery Shells as evidenced by the horrific pictures of the deformed babies available for all to see via Google…And they can be used Indirectly via the threat of usage… Nuclear weapons also destroy the economies of their Makers as tremendous resources both human and financial are wasted in their production…insanity & stupidity…

And a quote on War:…
“War will end when humanity realizes that its borders to space are unguarded and that its resources here on Earth are becoming dangerously depleted. It will take all nations to bond together to protect the world from intervention from the outside and from collapse on the inside. In this, there is only one choice, for the alternative is too terrible to contemplate.” – Marshall Vian Summers


Stupid USgovernment to think that other world leaders and intelligent people of the world would believe such stupid statements. The evidence of horror due to uslies is mounting and it is not only nuclear weapons that poison our planet and hence our bodies.

This morning I awoke to this horrible report.


If Biden obtains office, I hope he signs this treaty.


“For 50 years, nuclear power stations have produced three products which only a lunatic could want: bomb-explosive plutonium, lethal radioactive waste and electricity so dear it has to be heavily subsidised. They leave to future generations the task, and most of the cost, of making safe sites that have been polluted half-way to eternity.”

  • James Buchan

“Sometimes it’s appropriate to scream at them.”

  • Dr. Helen Caldicott

Recommended TV Movie 1983.
"The Day After"… this 2 hour made for TV movie is well worth the watch. It depicts a full scale nuclear weapons exchange of ICBMs btw the US & the USSR… truly chilling…and yet totally possible, maybe more so these days… how many seconds to midnight?..

Thanks for the mention of Helen Caldicott, an excellent writer, activist, a true hero of our times…If you have not read her books, do so…


Nuclear war and nuclear weapons have hung over my head since I was born. That this happened on my 68th birthday is the greatest gift I can imagine.


First we have the people of Venezuela and Bolivia rejecting a US backed coup, now Honduras joining with other nonproliferation nations. Next we need an anti-Monroe Doctrine to set South America free from US and Canada imperialism. Yankees go home!


Put pressure now on Biden to push for the US to ratify it.


LOL…great analogy!

How could you even imagine a draft dodging war lover like Biden would do that? His whole history has been in the opposite direction.


The peace sign was formed joining the semaphore letters for “N” nuclear and the for “D” disarmament. It was forged by Christians who apparently tried to understand their Book and found Peace.


Your analogy seems to point to people being the problem and not the politicians. Pay 50 rich, black politicians to join the KKK; there are probably already more than enough rich, white politicians on the rolls. Pose the question to the bourgeoisie, “Should we eliminate all nuclear weapons?” and there will be few who wouldn’t sign on. We are constantly told that we do not have the inside information that our leaders have to make that decision. Why not?

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Sorry, should have been “proletariat”…shouldn’t comment at 5am.


The good news - our nuclear madness is a purely Republican issue, and we can look forward to the US ratifying the treaty and beginning to disarm mere months after the DNC’s wing of the War Party takes the Offal Office. /s


My point is that you can get countries (and people) who are not in a position to do something anyway, to agree to disavow participation. Really, Honduras agrees not to threaten anyone with nuclear weapons? I agree not to invade France (or Belgium, for that matter) tomorrow - all other nations depend on how I feel in the morning.

There are zero plutonium-core nuclear bombs which got their plutonium from spent fuel from civilian nuclear power stations. All the bomb plutonium in the world came from reactors expressly designed for plutonium production.

And power station spent fuel still remains only potentially lethal. But then, virtually everything in your life is also potentially lethal.

And even if nuclear power was subsidized, it did have the effect of displacing coal power when and where nothing else could. So against the cost of the subsidies, you also have to look at hundreds of thousands of lives saved and hundreds of billions in avoided medical expenses. At least we got a return on the investment–which is more than can be said for a lot of government expenditure.

“Sometimes it’s appropriate to scream at them.”
Dr. Helen Caldicott

Could also be a quote from practically every zealot and every cultist who ever lived.

Those nations which have after much difficulty attained the security that nukes provide for them will go to war with them rather than EVER give them up. In our hearts we all know humanity within our own country should be trusted with caution; beyond our own nation it must NEVER be trusted.