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Victory for Mail-In Voting in Tennessee as Federal Judge Rules Against GOP-Enacted State Law

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/10/victory-mail-voting-tennessee-federal-judge-rules-against-gop-enacted-state-law

For those who insist on calling our form of government a democracy, or even democratic republic, look no further than the many actions around the country to keep the voters from legally casting their vote. No form of a real democracy would allow that to happen.

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“The court recognized that forcing voters to choose between voting and their health violates the Constitution.”

Very obviously the GOP doesn’t give a fiddlers damn about the safety or health of voters - their intent is to suppress voting as the only way they can win - even against a deplorable DNC and candidates in the pockets of corporate bribery on a massive scale.

Forcing voters to choose between two candidates that offer no real choice from corporate bribery and capitalist greed on many levels should also be ruled a violation of the Constitution!

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Interesting to note that the judge was appointed by trump. Just goes to show there are some judges able to think for themselves and do the right thing. Even the Supremes (I’m thinking Alito here) are able to go against the party line once in awhile. That’s not to say the Justice department in America is more corrupt than it’s ever been, at least in my lifetime.


This was a naked attempt by Tennessee’s idiotic GOP legislators to suppress the youth vote.

Wasn’t the opposite ruling handed down in Wisconsin, forcing voters to risk their lives to vote?