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Victory for Meat Lobby After USDA Nixes Climate Considerations


Victory for Meat Lobby After USDA Nixes Climate Considerations

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

When the Obama administration said last year that, for the first time, it would take the environment into consideration when issuing its 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA), the meat lobby came out swinging. But this week, it announced that climate considerations would be nixed, leading advocates to charge that money has once again trumped science—and the planet.


'Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell said that while "issues of the environment and sustainability are critically important... we do not believe that the 2015 DGAs are the appropriate vehicle for this important policy conversation."'

Strange, I was taught that the hip bone WAS connected to the thigh bone...


Tick tock, tick tock; it won't be long until the empire falls. Every decision the empire makes is wrong for the empire and those making the decisions are sociopaths who can only see an inch or two in front of their face.


Watch "Cowspiracy" if you get a chance. You can see it on Netflix.

TOM VIL in the SACK with Monsanto - another corporate Dem.


This on Vilsack's appointment as Secy of Ag stated by Organic Consumers Association: "Among those reasons the report cites: Vilsack has repeatedly demonstrated a preference for large industrial farms and genetically modified crops; as Iowa state governor, he originated the seed pre-emption bill in 2005, effectively blocking local communities from regulating where genetically engineered crops would be grown; additionally, Vilsack was the founder and former chair of the Governor's Biotechnology Partnership, and was named Governor of the Year by the Biotechnology Industry Organization, an industry lobbying group."

Is there no end to the tentacles of corporate money (that inevitably corrupts) that seem to envelope all members of Congress, presidential cabinet appointees, and other high level executive/legislative/judicial positions? Do they really believe that their decisions are for the higher good of all when the actual results are almost always negative/destructive? They all have such a short team focus and narrow view when blinded by corporate BS, lobbyists (K street), and MONEY>


This is sooo par for the course of corrupted "regulatory" agencies and the industry or political lackeys that run them. Big-money corrupts all of our government of, by and for the people.

The Amazon Basin, what used to be a dependable weather-regulating "engine" is being deforested to produce burgers and palm oil - anything for a buck and government fiddles while our planet burns......

I can see the future headlines as Mother Earth becomes increasingly unliveable and dead (for us): "we didn't know" & "if only we had acted sooner" - all BS from our political whore so-called leaders.


But the brain bone is connected to the wallet bone.


This is just one of countless examples of how our elected officials genuflect to BIG MONEY and is exactly the corruption that Presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig is trying to shine a light on. The Democratic leadership is determined to silence him by keeping him out of the debates. Until we fix how we finance our elections, big agriculture and the fossil fuel industry will continue to dictate government policy and decimate our planet.


Money talks and BS walks.


my questions, too, seatower.

maybe some tiny few that have "woken up" can start a 12-step group for recovering congressional dirtbags. you know, "Hi, I'm Tom, and I'm a powerholic. I was as deep in denial as the cows that have to stand in their poop all day, and I did terrible things to this country and this world."


And note that Cowspiracy says agribusiness produces not 20% of greenhouse gases but a little over 50%. The meat problem is much bigger than advertised.