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'Victory for Ohio Voters' as Court Strikes Down GOP's Gerrymandered Map

'Victory for Ohio Voters' as Court Strikes Down GOP's Gerrymandered Map

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Voting rights advocates celebrated Friday after a panel of three federal judges struck down Ohio's congressional map, ruling that district lines were unconstitutionally gerrymandered to benefit the Republican Party.

"For far too long partisan gerrymandering has plagued our politics, divided our communities, and weakened the power of the people's voice and vote in government."
—Catherine Turcer, Common Cause Ohio

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The USA – the supposed “cradle of modern democracy” and the supposed “beacon of democracy” to the world – has the stupidest system, in so many ways.

This is one of them. If there were proportional representation, then the percentage of votes your party wins, would mean that percentage of representatives from your party would be seated.

That’s just one of the many ways “our” representative democracy is a mess from the get-go.

We need an independent constitutional commission to upgrade US democracy. Abolish the Senate, and abolish the Electoral College (both are hold-overs from the “founding fathers” protection of slaveholders). Abolish the idiotic “single non-transferable vote” plurality voting system for single-winner seats, and replace it with ranked choice voting, score voting or approval voting so you have your input on EVERY candidate (to end the “lesser of two evils” and the “wasted vote” problems, weaken the duopoly, and strengthen multiple parties). Institute multi-representative districts with proportional representation (no more gerrymandering, etc.). Etc. etc. etc.


Thoughtful post webwalk. Some of us will have to make sacrifices. In my district we have a great peoples advocate with Amanda Stuck and her second term to date.

The reason she is my representative is due to gerrymandering results. The republicans gerrymandered so heavily that they left a small liberal, downtown section, and my outlying area as a result. If gerrymandering is outlawed my district would have at least a 50-50 chance of going republican.
But it is the right thing to do. We have make sacrifices at times.
Dylan: “You gotta serve somebody.”


To the many who proclaimed Ohio a red state, your punditry is only as shallow as the depth of your inquiry. We’ve been screwed royally here, and if this succeeds on appeal to SCOTUS, our banana republic will have been sealed.

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