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Victory for Privacy, Vindication for Snowden as Senate Sunsets Phone Dragnet


Victory for Privacy, Vindication for Snowden as Senate Sunsets Phone Dragnet

Jon Queally, staff writer

Nearly two years after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden first revealed the U.S. government was secretly operating mass surveillance programs against the American public, including bulk collection of telephone data, privacy advocates and civil libertarians are celebrating—at least temporarily—after the U.S. Senate on Sunday failed to extend authorities for key portions of those programs before a midnight deadline.

As the Associated Press reports:


“Victory for Privacy.” Right. For a day or two. As the article points out, this and many other provisions of the Patriot Act will be reenacted in a couple of days. So what’s with the headline of this article? Typical faux-progressive thinking. Declare victory when there is no victory, only Kabuki theater. Bizarre.


The moral and the physical arch of humanity is certainly long, we will probably slip the chains of bondage about the same time Mother Nature kicks our asses.


The “victory” is symbolic, not something with teeth or substance. Proposed laws and restrictions are part of a dog and pony show to create the illusion that the someone in government actually has some control over surveillance agencies.

Go ahead and feel good for a couple of days, then, but consider this: not one surveillance operative or official, in any surveillance agency, has ever received so much as a reprimand or slap on the wrist for over-stepping their authority. Clapper can go before Congress and lie about NSA programs and still get full backing from Obama, who also can also lie on the subject and get away with it. Accountability, like Elvis, left the building many, many years, ago.


Victory? Hardly. Remember Five Eyes? It’s the multinational agreement orginally between the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand now expanded to include many others. The multinational surveillance agencies intentionally spy on each others citizens, then share the collected information to circumvent each others domestic privacy laws.
So even if for a few days the NSA takes a holiday the Canadian version of it will be intercepting all the info for them .

Here’s an article with more info and links:
‘How the NSA and Its Partners Spy on Each Others Citizens to Circumvent Their Domestic Spying Laws’


The Fear Market Exchange dropped overnight in Asia, in light trading activity, based on future orders for eavesdropping equipment and amid worry gov’t agencies and television commentators may add to higher than expected unemployment numbers in the aggregate. However, early trading in the U.S. rallied, on higher expected sales of political bullshxt detection deflectors ( PBDD ). Overall, the majority of analysts see a continued bull market for hoodwinkers, bamboozlers, swindlers, traitors, lackeys, snitches, gov’t informants, milquetoast politicians and wannabe suckup media idiots ( WSMI ). So, don’t worry America, the state of the union is strong today and will continue to be. Of course, as we know, odor isn’t everything. Excuse me, AT&T and Google, is there a dead rat in my communications systems?


Try about a 21,000,000 to one ratio, you’d be a lot closer to the mark. But, the latest polling ( taken from citizens living in undisclosed locations and senior centers ) shows a " slight " majority in favor of continuing the current surveillance laws. These same people, coincidently, also really liked the party line phone system in Smoggy Hills, Pennsylvania, too. " Why, did you know Elly Anne Ampleback and Richard Scwelling were going to Pittsburgh over the Labor Day weekend, Bernice? " " I just overheard it, yesterday. "


I have one question.

  • How long are We the People going to let these bought and paid for fascists infesting the Congress and Senate go against the will and the welfare of We the People in favor of increased profits and power for their masters, They the Banksters, AKA, the 0.001%?


The idea that NSA, and friends, would simply cease their activities because some politicians voted in a certain way seems either disingenuous or embarrassingly naive. These programs are criminal invasions of basic freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution. If those carrying them out didn’t care about that, they won’t care about this.
But perhaps even the idea that victory is possible carries a message that might be valuable as long as one is clear sighted in going forward.