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'Victory for Right to Dissent' as Six J20 Protesters Found Not Guilty on All Charges

'Victory for Right to Dissent' as Six J20 Protesters Found Not Guilty on All Charges

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"We hope today's verdict begins the important work of teaching police and prosecutors to respect the line between lawbreaking and constitutionally protected protest."


A huge victory–and yet, all the jury did was assert that the First Amendment still stands. These charges are outrageous. Hopefully they’ll just drop charges against the rest. Then there are still people facing trial for peaceful protest at Standing Rock…


Fuck The Fourth Reich.
We The People. Have alot of work to do.:sunglasses:


Oil Nazis


The not quilty verdict did not teach the police or the Justice Department anything that will defer their behavior. It cost no one in the government anything, monetarily or social. All the cost emotionally and financially was born by the defendants and their supporters, I am still cheered that a shred of justice still remains. Protesters must always demand a jury trial else they will be most certainly screwed.


Always demand a jury trial, indeed. Look your accusers straight in the eye, too. And, have your attys show photos of that meathead/white supremacist driving into the crowd of peaceful protesters ( with their backs turned ) at Charlottesville. Who’s committing a crime against the right to assemble and a redress of grievances?
Who should the state and security forces protect?


Yes, you are right! The bad thing is that these prosecutors are wasting taxpayer money on this abuse of power and the innocent protesters have to suffer for years and undergo unnecessary expense. Better justice would be that the prosecutor should be fired and the government or the prosecutors themselves would have to pay the court costs of people who are falsely accused of crime on no evidence. This is prosecutorial misconduct on a massive scale for political purposes. This would help to put a stop to these deliberate malicious prosecutions that have been happening all over our country by these fascists. How would they have liked it if democrat prosecutors had done this to the phony Tea Partiers? The fascists are unamerican treasonous scum who ought to be deported to Russia to make way for the dreamers. We could get rid of these undemocratic bad Americans and get better people who would really appreciate the freedoms we are supposed to be guaranteed under our Constitution. These right wingers do not deserve to live in America because they hate our democracy and they and their evil president are doing everything they can to destroy our democratic government and take away all the freedoms from all average Americans to hand it over to autocratic oliogharchs like the Koch brothers who are bent on totalitarian dictatorship for the purpose of totally plundering America for all of its wealth and natural resources with total disregard for all plant, animal, and human life, and totally destroying the environment forever to satisfy their addiction to insane greed and lust for absolute power. I am appalled, frightened, disgusted, and mad as hell that this is happening! Every real patriotic American and true Gospel believing Christian should be furious at the seditious treason against our democracy and Constitution and the blasphemous lies and hypocracy and deliberate phony Christianity being promoted by these treasonous right wing fascists. It is time to stand up and fight for our democracy against the lying, fake patriots and fake Christians and hateful bigots, and the cruel, evil Anti-Christ scum faction that is attempting to take over our country. They are so devoted to their furher Herr Trump that they are capable of any amount of treasonous behavior and apostasy. These people make me so ill that I’m not even sure that I can stand living in the same country with them. I’m sick to death of their threats of violence to the point that I am almost willing to violate my own principles and give them exactly the very same treatment that they have been threatening to do to anyone who opposes them, like a few bullets through the head. I probably won’t, but sometimes I do feel like it. They keep threatening civil war. They had better stop or they might just get what they are asking for. There is only so much of this sick stuff that any decent red blooded American true patriot can take. It is past time to put a stop to this nonsense. I live for the day that I crawl into the voting booth and vote for every democrat on the ticket. They will have to kill me to keep me away. Better dead than red!

A great but nonetheless obvious decision. The cases against the protesters had no merit. Hopefully the charges will be dropped for all the other defendants.


They’re going to be tried for property destruction, imo. There was the website/chatroom linking some of the more vocal prior to the incident; can they link the two to the actual property loss, damaged by " the someone "?
False flag theories abound on this protest. But, someone will draw the short straw, here. Same old shit, different administration.

Good rant. Request: would you please make paragraphs and allow white space in between? Hard to read a solid bloc like your whole post.

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This could have gone the other way even after a not guilty verdict. Remember there are many Republican appointees sitting on the “bench”. The judge could have thrown out the verdict. “And justice for all” is still on thin ice.

It would be nice if those six protesters, and any others acquitted, could file a class action suit against the D.C. police for malicious prosecution - or whatever might apply.