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'Victory for the People' as Guatemalan President Resigns in Disgrace


'Victory for the People' as Guatemalan President Resigns in Disgrace

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

School of the Americas-trained Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina, who oversaw acts of torture and genocide during the country's decades-long civil war, stepped down just before midnight Wednesday disgraced by unprecedented corruption charges—and by a popular movement against impunity for the ruling elite.



They will get a shot at a real democracy again by electing their own President. And then, I guess it'll be time to send Killery Back there to foment another coup.


Rosal - "We need to begin holding US leaders accountable for roles in overt and covert human rights violations."
A dream come true if the people of all countries victimized by Empire's atrocities were to take up the banner and unanimously demand justice - a domino effect cry to unmask - impossible to silence.


"The United States has a historic and huge responsibility for human rights atrocities in Guatemala, not only because they trained and funded them, but there were people on the ground—CIA operatives in torture centers in Guatemala in the 1980s," said Rosal. "We need to begin holding U.S. leaders accountable for overt and covert roles in human rights violations."

The White House and U.S. embassy in Guatemala have so far remained silent on the former president's resignation.

It is shameful that it is always the people in "third world" countries like Guatemala that have the courage to speak effective truth to self imposed power while citizens in the great Democracy of the United States of America sit on their hands, while "leaders" like Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama (and many others too numerous to name) go effectively unchallenged in our own courts of law. German citizens allowed this to happen in their name; what will history say about those us who have allowed more death and destruction caused by our government to occur in our names. History will of course be written with the question, "where were the peoples' voices?"


But we read here every day:

"WE" can do nothing.
If you assert that "citizens in the great Democracy of the United States of America" should do something, not only are you "blaming," you are a deep-state operative.

Neat, huh?


Huge love and props to the people in Guatemala who have never stopped organizing and working against terror and against great odds to overturn "la impunidad" and seek accountability for these US-sponsored crimes.

We need more people in the USA organizing and working against terror and against great odds. Let the empire fall. Self-determination for all peoples.


As long as the vice President stays in power HRC can forget another coup in Guatemala.


Rosal: " We need to begin holding U.S. leaders accountable for overt and covert roles in human rights violations."

Would love to see it happen but the chances of that happening are between slim and none...and Slim just left town!


It is instructive to read a book called "The CIA in Guatemala". It details the US involvement in the overthrow of the Arbenz government in 1954, in part because of the implications to the United Fruit Company of the nationalization of unused land holdings for the benefit of poor citizens (not 1980, our depredations go back much farther than the 80's, or even the 50's for that matter). This history is the precursor to today's "trade agreements" which cede national sovereignty to corporations. Hitler's dream of taking over the world is alive and well, only it is not a country that will rule us all, but global corporate capitalism. Actual human beings are starting to fight back to regain control of their destinies. Let's see how this plays out in the near future, how many people will be killed, how soon will their government be taken over by a murderous strongman. The US has no patience, and no mercy, for people who try to rule themselves.


According to John Perkins in his book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," a must read, or re-read by the way, George H.W. Bush, was/is one of the owners of the United Fruit Company you mention. Bush has a long list of clandestine involvement in operations resulting in all sorts of illegal US government involvement (read some of Robert Parry's books on this) in other country's affairs. Thus, our empire continues to march on through his sons' continued roles in our government. And I am not preaching against the Republicans, but rather the shady operations of both party's roles in the desecration of our names as citizens of the US of A.


It's a start. But as though of us who participated in a delegation to Guatemala in August were told elections in that country have usually involved replacing one group of thieves with another one. Large-scale, systematic institutional changes are necessary in Guatemala. Holding a new election will hardly serve that end over and beyond window-dressing reforms.

The trouble is whoever has taken over United Fruit Companies holdings (Del Monte?) you can well-imagine there is intense lobbying going on behind the scenes to be sure they are not seriously impacted by any type of reforms which may be introduced.


Watch for the names John Negroponte or Otto Reich to start floating around on Fox, MSNBC and CNN. These men have been at the heart of a lot of the really nasty shit that the US has done in Central and South America since the 1980's!


Thanks for the report, and thanks for your lived solidarity.


Yup--look at Venezula-- the US neo-cons are very patient-- they wait and ferment opposition, bring guns in , pay people off and wa la! a coup. Give it time--too much in Guatemala that they want.


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Very true! When you are told by our pressituted MSM that we are bringing any foreign country " FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY " always read: tyranny and fascism for the Amerikan, economic elite.

How in the hell can we bring foreign countries the canard freedom and democracy when we; especially in terms of Amerikan foreign policy, live in the Fourth Reich.


Ya busco para mi primera y siepre amor, Alma Rosa Mansilla Mansilla, de Mixco, Guatemala.


Fortuitously, the US has in place several allied surrogates that--barring a more vigorous, sustained push for structural reformation from the Guatemalan people--appear capable of maintaining a US-friendly, US involvement-concealing facade for some time to come. The only viable candidates mounted for the hastily-confabulated presidential "election" (LOL) are the teevee comedian put up by the slaughtering military generals and slaughterer-in-chief rios montt's wife, the thoroughly corrupt former first lady, put up by the Guatemalan oligarchs (a.k.a. the "filthy" rich). Not a real choice. Recalls Pete Townshend's telling lyric "Meet the new boss...same as the old boss," from the song "Won't Get Fooled Again".

If there's any danger the status quo elite might falter in retaining control over the people, the US's trusty CIA "mechanics" will straighten things out--you know, with a customized domestic state terror campaign, Guatemalan death squads, media propaganda, election results "insurance", etc, to keep its Latin American protection racket going.

Amazing the murderous sh*t the passive US population lets its government inflict on sovereign peoples seeking to shape their own destinies. Wonder when enough of us will stop our cynical whining and actually step up to force lasting change here in "Der Vaterland", er, "Homeland".


A book by Kevin Phillips, "American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush" is also instructive. Talk about a family that is leaving its blood-stained fingerprints all over US domestic and foreign policy history.... Every reason to keep jeb "I partnered with organized crime bosses and drug kingpins in Florida while I was governor" bush the hell away from the White House.