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'Victory for the Rule of Law': Federal Judge Curbs Powers of Trump's Secret Police in Portland

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/24/victory-rule-law-federal-judge-curbs-powers-trumps-secret-police-portland


We already know that Trump can ignore this injunction with impunity. And even if he complies with it (long enough to appeal to more loyal judges,) individual goons acting as agents provocateurs will no doubt continue the KKKhaos.

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I had not known that Seattle was on DC’s send in the goons list.
Chicago removed two Christopher Columbus statues and renamed Stephen Douglas park because his wife may have owned slaves.
Expecting more anti people announcements from DC in 9 hours.

Stirring fear, anti black, anti brown, anti poor, elderly and ill.

Trump runs on what a wonderful world it will be.
'When I make you cry, I win"

To Trump and his organized CABAL of criminals: THESE PEOPLE ARE DEPLORABLES. They for all intensive purposes, are the Amerikan Jews!

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This helps with freedom of the press, but aren’t we ALSO supposed to have freedom of speech and freedom of assembly?


We already knew he didn’t have the right to send federal troops to rig a non fight.
What does victory look like?
Court judgements have finally come down on trump’s tax returns. Anybody seen them? NO.

The president is allowed to be a criminal meme has to stop.

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tyrants and thugs only respect the law when it’s convenient. i’m reminded of a supreme court ruling way back during the presidency of andrew jackson which stated that native americans couldn’t be forced to leave the southeastern u.s… this ruling was ignored, and what followed was ‘the trail of tears’ for those native americans.

i’m afraid that what’s happening now is similar. this president is a cruel and vicious tyrant, and the social machinery is in place for more brutal suppression of dissent. america has it’s own gestapo now. i hope court rulings will be respected, but it seems only a matter of time now before america becomes a full blown martial law police state, in which public dissent is simply not tolerated. it seems pretty close already.

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A judge today also told Portland to lay off of the trump secret agents Boris and Natasha.