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'Victory for the Voters': As GOP Tries to Rush Process, Federal Court Orders Georgia to Review All Provisional Ballots

'Victory for the Voters': As GOP Tries to Rush Process, Federal Court Orders Georgia to Review All Provisional Ballots

Julia Conley, staff writer

Voting rights groups applauded their latest victory in Georgia on Tuesday after a federal court ruled that tens of thousands of provisional ballots that were given out on Election Day must be counted—foiling Republican attempts to rush through the tallying of votes in the state's closely-watched gubernatorial race.

Well, like the church lady used to say on SNL, "Isn’t that special? First they won’t allow to vote, then suppress your vote, then attempt to have your vote be uncounted… If anything warrant a year in jail this certainly does as well.

There is no fundamental or absolute right to vote in The US Constitution. The first place that there is any semblance of the right to vote is expressed is not in the body of the original document but in15th Amendment’s supposed conveyance of the right, to age of majority, former African-American slaves and African-American males who were not in that system while being expressed in the negative. The 15th Amendment while alluding to the right of African-American males is stated in the language of proscribing both the federal and state governments from denying or abridging “the vote … by the United States on account of race, color, or previous servitude.” 15th Amendment to US Constitution, Section I. The 19th Amendment was just as great of a disservice to women as the 15th was to African-American men. The 19th just says “… on account of sex.” As a 100% service connected, totally and permanently Vietnam Veteran the 26th Amendment’s granting of our nebulous right to vote couched in the same language of proscribing acts of the federal and state governments on account of age and came for me after I had returned from servitude in Vietnam and had turned 21. Unlike the 15th and 19th Amendments the 26th was an unintended consequence of the Political Theater of The Elite’s For-Profit Vietnam War. Only because independent media still existed back then the human commonality of age demanded accountability of the Elite before we could continue to be sacrificed upon their Altars Of For Profit Wars. The Elites could have avoided the 26th had they simply ended The Draft much earlier than they did. Another rant but the 1960s were not about a revolution to expand our rights but was in fact planting the stage for the final harvest of our rights under the American System of Economic Governance.

Propaganda always taste good and sounds good but it still is empty nourishment for the soul. If voting were fundamental and an absolute right under the Constitution would we still be struggling against the Elite and their dutiful servants to secure such rights? Would we still be plagued by these draconian voter ID laws? No. We only have to go back to 2002 and the very bipartisan Help America Vote Act signed into law by George W. Shrub as ostensibly demanded because of SCOTUS conornating Bush as a revolving King Of The United States. HAVA brought us the very hackable and verifiable electronic voting machines with proprietary software exclusively owned and operated by corporations at every polling place in our country. No right to vote there and to argue otherwise simply makes one a Stage 4 Propaganda Idiot.

What to do? First we quit dining on the propaganda that is constantly shoved into our brains. Let us kick the American Myths to the curb and face reality. We need at least a third party to form to secure the right to vote with clear, unambiguous and simple language to grant us the illusionary but still fundamental right to vote if we are ever to be a free people. It has to be in the form of a Constitutional Amendment. Otherwise with each and every election we are going to repeat these same trite conversations that change nothing and provide no real solution to living in a country where We, The People are the various governments’ source of power and not the putrefied Elite that have ruled us since - well forever. It is either be a free people or remain in the night continuing to scurry for our lives in the Night Of The American Undead.

Please remember that these three Amendments and the Constitution itself are all contingent upon the will of Congress and SCOTUS, The Executor Of Sovereign Power. Sovereign Power is the source of all governmental powers. The Alleged Three Branches are administrative appendages to manifest Sovereign Power.

Well fine, if that’s the case and we have no real right to vote, the choice is to fight fire with fire. I’m sure there are enough left wing techy’s out there that can come with devices to knock out elect. voting machines and we can come up with enough ways combat the cheating ways of the republicans to balance out their corruption. If that’s the only choice to win then we cheat too I guess.