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Victory for Transgender Rights as Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case on School Bathroom Policy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/07/victory-transgender-rights-supreme-court-refuses-hear-case-school-bathroom-policy

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"In 2017, a group of parents in Dallas challenged the district’s policy regarding a transgender boy, who was permitted to use the boys’ locker rooms and restrooms. "

These parents need to seek professional help to deal with their phobias.


Hi wingsofadove:
Sometimes America is not only heartless but exceedingly mean and stupid. You just can’t have a “More Perfect Union, or,” Promote the General Welfare," or establish JUSTICE,or SECURE the Blessings of Liberty ----------with stupid people.
I wish people would work on improving their own lives, but that can’t happen when the focus is to harm others. In a scary way, that’s how Trump’s mind works! : (


This is where Democrats always fail. They herald this as a victory instead of hurrying to pass legislation solidifying the outcome as law. The reich will keep attacking from different angles until the courts decide in their favor. It’s what they did to Roe. Death by a million tiny cuts. Quit counting on the courts to legislate. Congress needs to stop being cowards and do the right thing instead of what is politically expedient. The right has Karens but the left has Nancys.


On articles like this, I wish reporters would say WHICH justices did WHAT. Whom do we thank, publicly or personally, for this decision? Given so many people’s fears, it could have really gone south.

A nice little “win” considering our wars here in the US.

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There is so much to this issue that shallow coverage and knee-jerk reactions from the left is missing. Affirming children’s confused belief that they’re in the wrong body does not actually help them. Erasing sex-based spaces, sports, etc. as part of that policy not only hurts dysphoric children; it denies the rights of those around them on multiple levels. None of this is to counter the right of every child to dignity and compassion. And of course bullying for gender nonconformity (or any reason) must not be tolerated. A full discussion must be had, and the voices of those challenging “affirmation” policies in our schools, and opposing the erasure of sex-based rights, must be heard. The voices of detransitioners are especially important to elevate. Everyone who cares about children must read the internationally relevant decision of the UK High Court last week in the case of Keira Bell versus the Tavistock gender clinic. Tavistock affirmed Bell’s belief as a child that she’s a man, and everyone cheered as they put her on a path that leaves her maimed and damaged for life. If we care about children’s health and equal rights, we must discuss that case and its implications here. By allowing Gender Ideology, an incoherent anti-science quasi-religious belief system that reinforces sexist stereotypes, to rule the day, especially, in schools, we are fostering a medical scandal of enormous proportions involving vulnerable children. We are casually erasing rights to privacy, to accurate biology education, to women-only sports, and more…and that is unacceptable.

Do you think men should be allowed in women’s locker rooms, and on women’s sports teams?

If they are transgenders, yes. What’s your point?

Sure, it’s important, but is this really going to bring the bulk of the population over to the the left? Or is this a feel-good measure that makes it appear we’re really doing something for people in need?