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Victory for Tribes, Waterways, and Planet as Pebble Mine Denied Permit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/25/victory-tribes-waterways-and-planet-pebble-mine-denied-permit


Small victories show victories are always possible, but we have to work for them.


Good thing.
We have enough pebbles without having to mine for them.


"Contrary to the public interest" That basic common sense reasoning should apply to ALL environmental decisions (especially those being railroaded-thru right now by the trump regime!) - the war-machine, corporate welfare, for-profit education, Universal Not-For-Profit Single-Payer, and in fact ALL governmental decisions and regulatory agency policy should use “Contrary to the public interest” to determine all policy… What that term states is that the Common Good should determine the future, NOT common greed, usury, banker/wall street/ corporate/uber-wealthy interests!

Including very much this other mining atrocity threatening tribal peoples and irreplaceable, priceless, Natural World treasures! ~https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/nov/24/trump-mining-arizona-holy-land-oak-flat-tribes


As an Alaska resident, I can tell you we have been fighting this mine for many years and this is****GREAT NEWS!


Hi CarolEllison:
and a big but wonderful surprise from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers too,THANK YOU!

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Mining for metals involves the use of highly toxic chemicals to extract the metals from the ore in which they are bound. These chemicals inevitably pollute downstream water resources as a hydrologist I have studied this issue for decades. My development work in Bolivia was often stymied because the highest flowing waters available were polluted by upstream mines, present and past. If you guessed that it was indigenous populations, specifically the Quechua People, that were impacted, you would be right. Environmental injustice is a global issue. Planetary health is a moral matter.


One can never trust the Corporations when they make a presentation to any given review board detailing actions they will take to protect the environment. They will always lie.

There was a lake up in Northern BC that a Company wanted to use to dump their waste byproduct into. The lake was deemed sacred to various local First Nations people and had long been used by them for fishing and ceremonial purposes. Initially claiming there would be little negative impact on the environment after many such hearings they admitted that the lake would become toxic and their actions would “kill the lake”.

They came back with “Canada has lots of lakes so there should be no problems destroying one”.


Dear Stardust, Our US Army corps of engineers
are disgraced more so than forgivable. They’ve approved
more destructive deconstruction of living watersheds they care
to divulge in detail. Jay Inslee is no US hero with WsDOT wurst.
Thanksgiving Day. Don Ald is done. Ding Dong, Don Ald is done.
Ding Dong the damn Don Ald is Done, trah lah lah!


Right – too may bad things have been permitted in the past –

Elites are frightened now – but 50 years of computer voting has allowed rise of
fascism here embedded in government now – though more Americans are waking up.

Biden’s Cabinet would make your skin crawl, especially Harris re-affirming that it will
be “Hands across the aisle” with GOP fascists.

We need to ensure Biden resurrects the US Post Office from the destructive attacks on
it by GOP with forced payments in 10 year window which has bankrupted it. Nothing
that any other institution has had imposed on them – it’s insane.

Smash the hackable computers –


I see Biden as a stop gap, ridding this nation of a desperate chito (Randy Rainbow) and megalomaniacal would be dictator.
Regardless of what we think of him he will stop Trump’s destruction of the constitution, reverse much of what he has wrought.
Biden is certainly not the solution, but he does abate a part of the problem certainly. It is now up to we the people to assert our wishes.

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Hi Wellan:
Maybe they are turning over a new leaf----- whlie we still have eaves and trees. : )

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" … the Trump administration on Wednesday denied a permit for the proposed Pebble Mine …"

OK, so which is it - the above, or Trump pushing for the mine …

When “the Obama administration” was “blocking” the northern end of Keystone, Standing Rock, at the same time a whole slew of other pipelines were being approved, including the southern end, - from an admin whose head, Obama, was bragging that under his admin the US became was the greatest oil producer in the world.

The point I am trying to make is that we need, as they say, to keep our eye on the donut and not upon the hole - and watch out for those glazed donuts …

The problem is - who decides what is “in the public interest”, and who defines what the “public interest” is - we can say “That should be obvious!” but we are not the ones who, for purposes of permits, regs, etc. make that decision -

As a human being, I agree with you!

Oh, there’s more. WPost just had articles about a titanium mine that will be going in next to Okefenokee Swamp, which the Clinton administration put a halt to in the 90s, and dangerous speed ups of chicken processing facilities the Trump administration is facilitating. They want to lock these changes in before Biden takes office, and that will be harder to reverse with Trump courts operating the judiciary.

Ran into the same issue with regard to a huge Amazon warehouse proposal - locally, had to go through an initial SEQRA (NYS version of NEPA) - Part one was full of the same “misinformation” as you note - on the basis of which the local “Agency” decided “it would not have a significant environmental impact” - major BS, but I couldn’t get anyone with “standing” to put their name on a suit.

Did that company get the permit? This Amazon warehouse did get a building permit (5 floors, 3 million square feet) and a bunch of other variances as well, including one from State fire codes

The permit was declined thanks to the First Nations people fighting to save that lake. My understanding was the firm was working other angles to relaunch the project.

The fact that they were willingly and knowingly going to kill that lake, shows they absolutely lacking in sincerity. In other words when they come back with a relaunched plan they will likely try and suggest they are concerned for the environment which is a crock. They have no concern for it at all. They only want to see what they can get away with.

By the way, more on Amazon. They do not much like Environmental activists.


Wonderful we need some good news during these awful times.