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Victory for Young Voters in Ohio as Judge Rules in Favor of Sanders Campaign Ohio Judge


Victory for Young Voters in Ohio as Judge Rules in Favor of Sanders Campaign Ohio Judge

Jon Queally, staff writer

Young voters in Ohio were handed a victory on Friday—one that also bodes well for Bernie Sanders—when a state court judge ruled that 17-year-olds who will be eligible to vote in November's general election have the right to vote in this Tuesday's primaries.


I have recently became a Bernie supporter after being independent my whole life. What I have noticed is the greatest irony of MSM disinformation. They portray Bernie like a joke, saying he will not be able to accomplish anything and that he will never be able to do this or that. Yet Bernie just consistently keeps winning despite all odds against him. When it looked like his campaign was blacklisted by the DNC, he sued them in federal court and won. He overcame 60% polling reports against him after everyone said the campaign was over. Now, he literally just sued a state Attorney General and won AGAiN. He isn’t even president but yet he enforced Ohio voting regulations giving tons of young people the right to participate in democracy. Even just one of those accomplishments is astounding, but all of them truly defy belief. He just keeps proving over and over again how he can and will accomplish his goals.


I think he will carry Ohio and Florida at which point he will get ahead of Hitlery.


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From your mouth to the Goddess’ ears! May it be so…


Got to admit–he is one of a hell of a fighter!


What I love about the Bernie Sanders candidacy is the call to engagement as way of life, not just for a election cycle. This occurs as system continues to wring out its profit margin from a world starving for legitimate engagement. While all who doubt and seek change are scorned and derided, the process of engagement keeps nurturing those doubts not as a manipulation but as example of how to harness doubt as the engine the wise have always known it to be.
I cannot resist reinforcing the value of doubt through a generally silent parable often overlooked by Christians. Profoundly notable is that of all the disciples present when Christ was crucified and later appeared to them, only one, who was absent the first time around, was invited to touch to know the wounds - and that was Thomas, who doubted. The disciple today scorned by precisely the mindset that twists the treasure of doubt into a derisive put-down.

In the vein of this narrative, here is an ivy league millennial who shares his journey to seeing the real strength of doubt


I’m 65, all my interests in politics came from going through the 60’s.
I thought I would never again see a generation that was so involved in politics.
I’m so proud to say that these kids today have proven me wrong.
Bernie would be long gone by now if it wasn’t for the kids working for him, Thank you!


Yes, he is the only candidate offering hope for their future.


This is really good – and if Bernie hadn’t stepped in they would not have been able to vote in the primaries.

Go Bernie – !!

I hope they have long lives and remember this always!