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Victory in Alabama: State's Anti-LGBTQ Chief Justice Roy Moore Suspended


Victory in Alabama: State's Anti-LGBTQ Chief Justice Roy Moore Suspended

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore on Friday was suspended for the rest of his term for ordering an unconstitutional halt on same-sex marriage licenses.

The Alabama Court of the Judiciary handed down its ruling (pdf) after finding Moore guilty of all six charges against him, including violating judicial ethics.


If one looks up "Neanderthal" in the dictionary a picture of both Roy Moore and Donald Trump appears next to the phrase, "thought to be an extinct species."
Leave it to the Republican Party to drag these two morons out of a freezer and thaw them out just in time for election day.


Actually the Neanderthals were a lot smarter than Trump.
However, to your post:
The "thawing out" of Trump, combined with the disproportionate attention the corporate press gave him, has effectively put a cap on the progressive movement as far as the 2016 election is concerned.
Trump syphoned off a large portion of the disgruntled voter base, which might have otherwise gone to support Bernie, while the press practically put a news black out on all of Sanders' events.
So I would say, from the viewpoint of the blood suckers, "mission accomplished".

Now all they have to do is to kneecap Trump as well and they will get their ideal candidate into the White House.


Woo-hoo! Every now and then, the people win.

Hopefully there's an age limit barring him from running for Governor or some other office. People like Moore don't go quietly into the night; they often get promoted.


Reading the order, it's pretty harsh and does does not cut Chief Justice Moore any slack. It turns out he was actually removed from office once before. Some may remember his 10 Commandments shenanigans,


Next stop--the governor's mansion as the first non-party aligned state executive in Alabama's history. Don't think it couldn't happen--"Judge Roy" has lots of admirers from Huntsville to Mobile and Phenix City to Livingston--and they will vote.