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Victory: Kinder Morgan Nixes New England Pipeline Plan


Victory: Kinder Morgan Nixes New England Pipeline Plan

Nika Knight, staff writer

Pipeline company Kinder Morgan has suspended its plans to build a fracked gas pipeline from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts, citing poor demand for its gas in a statement (pdf) released late Wednesday. Pipeline opponents are cheering the decision.


I guess you only need so many pipelines of fracked gas from Pennsylvania to New England. That pipeline expansion that passes very close to the Indian Point power plants on the Hudson River about 35 miles north of NYC is still being constructed despite the efforts of activists to stop it.


Right. This isn't a "victory". It's purely economic. They'll be baaaaaccck!


They won't be back, solar is now cheaper than natural gas. They canceled because the economics didn't work out in their favor.


Yes, I agree. The notion that solar will take the place of natural gas as oil prices spike again (and they're already going up), I find unlikely.


Do people in new England still largely heat their homes with oil - because being at the end of the supply line, natural gas is expensive or not available?


Doesn't matter if you find it unlikely, NG lost 8% of capacity in the second half a 2015, while solar and wind continued to grow. Solar is now cheaper build than natural gas and wind is even cheaper. Yes a lot of people in NE still use oil, here in Maine they pushed electric heat in the 80's. Our house has electric baseboard but those only kick on when it's really cold, as in -15f, otherwise it's up to the 2 mini splits to heat a 1800sq ft house.


They lost 8% of capacity because of the collapse in oil prices, not because of a drop in the cost of solar.


Probably mostly because of HE gas furnaces being installed as old furnaces are retired.

Aside from passive heating (S-facing windows) solar, as a source of winter heat, is non existent.


Most of the opposition was NIMBYism. The same people who opposed this pipeline (buried and very unobtrusive) would also oppose wind turbines near their homes too


Solar power doesn't disappear in the winter and the cold makes panels more efficient. 35 states have sufficient on-shore wind power resources to meet 100% of their electricity consumption on an annual basis, including Maine. This is in addition to the rooftop solar potential and does not include substantial and as yet untapped offshore resources off the Eastern Seaboard. So I suppose the wind stops here in new england as well in the winter? Or just maybe it increases. How about the fact that solar can cover 60% of Maine's power needs just from roof top potential alone. Today. You are making a very large assumption saying that these people would oppose a windfarm in their vicinity as vigorously as a pipeline, disingenuous at best. The two are nowhere near to being equals, not from a safety standpoint nor an environmental. 2016 will be the first year in which utility-scale solar additions exceed additions from any other single energy source. The very conservative EIA think that new gas capacity will basically stop being added after June. Gas plants have fairly long lead times so this prediction looks solid. And shall we have a conversation about the methane leaking from the distribution and extraction systems, because I didn't realise previously sequestered methane is now helping us to breathe better.


Let's hear it for the POWER of the PEOPLE in Massachusetts! Congratulations on your hard-fought victory over the likes of Kinder Morgan.