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VICTORY: New Mexico Solar Customers Avoid Unjust Rate Hike


VICTORY: New Mexico Solar Customers Avoid Unjust Rate Hike


Santa Fe, NM - Today, customers of the New Mexico utility Southwestern Public Service Company (SPS) no longer have to worry about having to pay higher fees for producing their own solar energy. Most solar customers will even see reductions in their total surcharge fees. Earthjustice and Vote Solar, in partnership with New Mexico attorney Jason Marks, fought SPS’s proposal to increase a special charge on customers who produce renewable energy at their own homes, schools, farms and other locations.



Every once in a great while through dint of heart and effort SANITY manages to struggle through the corporate muck and mire!

Humanity and the whole environment won an essential victory! For the switch from fossil fuels to alternatives to occur it is essential that it is shown to be 'smart business' to do so. Solar energy can now be seen as free energy (relatively) once again in the public's eye. Why not go solar if the energy will end up being free eventually once everything is paid off. Free energy is a great sales pitch. Lol.