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'Victory': Saudi Ship Leaves Port Without French Weapons

'Victory': Saudi Ship Leaves Port Without French Weapons

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A human rights organization called it a "victory for mobilized civil society" when a Saudi cargo ship left France on Friday without a planned batch of weapons.

The French are just like the UK and the US. $$$ first and the exploitation of poor people a very distant second.
Congratulations to the French people who oppose French violence.

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I did not realize that France and Great Britain were also selling arms to Saudi Arabia. Congratulations to the French who managed to send them on their way without the weapons. I cannot even imagine that what the American people think about arms dealing would have the least influence on any arms deal.
Which candidate for President will draw down on the weapons budget and invest our money in something constructive instead of destructive? I doubt it will be Joe Biden.


France, Sweden and UK are on the list of countries (along with oosa) who have the largest companies manufacturing Weapons of Mass Destruction.

A small victory for now but even small efforts toward saving lives and the life of this planet are moments of celebration.