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'Victory': The World's Largest Marine Sanctuary Was Just Created


'Victory': The World's Largest Marine Sanctuary Was Just Created

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Global governments agreed on Friday to create the world's largest marine sanctuary in an area described as the planet's most pristine marine ecosystem—Antarctica's Ross Sea.


Thank you CD, I am elated, great news in the midst of so many wars and disasters.


Well nothing like closing the barn door after the horse is out - even as we keep magnifying that "ray of sun" that is melting the ice shelves and warming and acidifying the oceans - so no, we won't over fish them, we'll just destroy their habitat ...


Let's just hope there isn't any oil hiding under that sea. Otherwise all bets are off.


According to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the decision offers "further proof that the world is finally beginning to understand the urgency of the threats facing our planet." ... The decision from the 25-member Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR ) followed years of campaigning and "years of diplomatic wrangling and high-level talks between the U.S. and Russia, which has rejected the idea in the past," the Associated Press reports.

And yet another way in which Russia is painted as the bad guy while the good ole USA wears the white hat.

Why does some country / person always have to be demonized so that the USA can be the good guy. That tune is soooooo done. Can't the press-ta-tutes come up with anything more original?