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Video from Underwater Robot Shows Melted Nuclear Fuel in Bowels of Fukushima Reactor


Video from Underwater Robot Shows Melted Nuclear Fuel in Bowels of Fukushima Reactor

Common Dreams staff

Since disaster in 2011, this is the first time plant operator has found something likely to be melted fuel


I want to see the market fix this…

Direct Democracy


You knew it when you saw the containment breech and the steam vent went vertical.

Also please.

The search for melted fuel in the two other reactors," reports the Guardian, "has so far been unsuccessful because of damage and extremely high radiation levels

Try reporting this correctly

because of damage and extremely high radiation levels it would suggest melted fuel in the two other reactors,"


So exactly what does this mean to the surrounding ocean? Fish, plant life, et al? How far does this contamination reach?


rolson wrote:

'Try reporting this correctly

‘because of damage and extremely high radiation levels, it would suggest melted fuel in the two other reactors"’

No, fuel for a for a power reactor is only weakly radioactive,
as opposed to spent fuel, which is highly radioactive.


This is only a publicity stunt to “normalize” this likely ELE (Extinction Level Event). No background story or a contextual report showing pics of the actual before and now conditions of the buildings, #'s 1 - 4. This story info comes from a corporation, T.E.P.C.O. This “it” and the Japan government are a “public-private”, for profit “entity”, with a 2020 Olympics coming up. Expect more dis-information, masquerading as “helpful” updates of the “successful” clean-up (supposedly).All independent reporting on this on-going catastrophe has been forbidden and criminalized. Surprise, surprise - not!


Really Bob? And you want people to take anything about this seriously when they see stuff like yours?



Do you know what an ELE is?


Proponents of nuclear power will brush this under the rug.

And they’ll advocate for putting spent fuel rods a few states over.


Remember - Radiation (aka "Sunshine Units*) is good for you. At one time people exposed themselves to Radiation for the “Health Benefits”. Just ask Marie Curie.

*Sunshine Units is the name that the US nuclear industry/regulators proposed for Radiation because the word Radiation sounds so scary.


Do you?


Capitalism’s latest and greatest product: nuclear power. You’ll be dying to get it!


It is pretty impressive isn’t it. More than half a century of operations, producing over 10% of the world’s electricity, and in all that time causing less than 70 deaths worldwide. Making nuclear the safest power source available.


You obviously ignore all of the horrible deaths, injuries and deformities from Chernobyl. To be truthful, you don’t really know how many have died from nuclear power because deaths are usually from cancer and not directly attributed to exposure to nuclear radiation. Who knows how many Europeans died from exposure to Chernobyl radiation? Who writes your check: GE or some other industry organization?

The whole history of nuclear development is one of deceit and you just follow that path.


No, those deaths quoted were mostly the ones from Chernobyl. It is the only incident to have produced significant deaths. The indirect deaths predicted have never been found in the mortality statistics over the subsequent decades.

The history of deceit regarding the nuclear power industry has been from the opposition to nuclear power. Where hysterical exaggerations of the dangers have convinced people such as yourself that nuclear is unbelievably risky, when facts show it is actually the safest.

The world total fatalities from nuclear power generation over its entire history is equivalent to less than 30 minutes worth of the world’s road traffic deaths. Think about that.


This is well summarized in “Fukushima Daiichi-Derived Radionuclides in the Ocean: Transport, Fate, and Impacts”, free on the web.

Its Figure 1 shows radioactivity leaked in 2011 as 20 PBq, with each later year another 0.025-to-0.032, a little more than a thousandth of the initial release, being added.

How much is a PBq of radiocesium? Pretty much the same as a PBq of radiopotassium, and there are two significant things about radiopotassium. One, it isn’t manmade at all. Two, it is the principal source of hard radiation in our bodies and in the ocean.

The ocean contains 14 million PBq of radiopotassium. This, along with one other naturally occurring ocean irradiator, effectively define the ocean unit of radioactivity. Count Fukushima leakage in ocean units, and you know what you’ve got: 0.0000014 units in 2011, a lot less now.


“Extinction-level event”. Zavoda represents the fossil fuel interests’ hope that by lying really, really big they can shift the Overton window just a little.


A publication of the New York Academy of Sciences lists 985,000 DEATHS from Chernobyl. http://www.globalresearch.ca/new-book-concludes-chernobyl-death-toll-985-000-mostly-from-cancer/20908


If Nuclear Power is so safe, why do they need the massive government subsidy for insurance and an exemption from liability?
If Nuclear Power is so safe, why are the greedy insurance companies not clamoring for a piece of the action like they do with heathcare?

Answer: Nuclear Power if far from being safe and only exists because of corporate welfare, government incompetence, corruption, and hidden agendas. Nuclear Power would not exist if there was a level playing field and fair competition with alternative energy sources.


If nuclear power is not safe, where are all the casualties? They don’t exist, ergo nuclear is safe. This is pretty basic stuff.