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Video Shows Israeli Soldier Sniping Unarmed Demonstrator


Video Shows Israeli Soldier Sniping Unarmed Demonstrator

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just days after a journalist and at least nine other Palestinians were gunned down last week by Israeli forces during anti-occupation demonstrations in Gaza, a video of an Israeli soldier sniping an unarmed Palestinian man several months ago emerged on social media on Monday, providing further evidence that the deliberate killing of civilians "is routine for Israel."


Sick motherfuckers. Looks to me like the victims have copied the worst traits of their former abusers and have become exactly like them. Who would have thunk it - living to see Jews becoming Nazis. What a fucked up world we live in.

Free the Palestinians now. End Israeli Apartheid. Down with the Zionists.


What ? No Apologists for the Israeli’s

Where are You? You always fill these pages with your pathetic excuses.

Where are your excuses now?

Cold, Calculated, Murder…

Even Laughing Murder. Happy while they Video their Trophy Victim.

Tell me Israel. What is This that You have Taught your Sons and Daughters?

What do You call this? Is this your Religious Ethic?

Will No Rabbi Dissent this?


Consider this a warning folk’s, we are sending troops to our border with Mexico. Armed, fenced off borders are no solution to our inability to be humane towards one another.


Being outraged when a policeman shoots an unarmed civilian in the US is called standing up for social justice. Crying out when an Israeli soldier shoots and unarmed Palestinian civilian in GAZA is called antisemitism.


Yes, consider this a warning because our police are trained in Israel by their ‘security forces" the same racist MoFos’ as the ones that murdered this Palestinian in cold blood…yes, these are our allies, trumps pals and with whom we “have unbreakle bonds” …its far past time we broke those goddamn chains to a depraved racist regime of liars, killers, and torturers!

The IDF murders Palestinians for sport with impunity!

Take the depraved murder/execution of 13 year old schoolgirl, Imam Hams, shot while hiding in terror and then approached by her murderer who fired three more bullets into her head point blank! He was of course cleared of all charges by an Israeli court!

Nothing but war crimes and lies to cover them up by a depraved racist supremacist pathology! ENOUGH!




Oh sure but of course if the IDF lobbed in some chemical weapons then they would certainly feel the wrath of the mighty, fearsome Donald Trump and all of his western allies in NATO right? I can’t even lol that because it is just too damn SAD.


Google “Israel kills Palestinian” just under 700,000 hits…then google Israeli murders Palestinian. …about 17,100,000 hits…those numbers tell the story!

This video of racist depravity shows how israelis think about Palestinians…as “vermin”!

The statistics! http://ifamericaknew.org/

https://www.wrmea.org/1999-march/growing-intolerance-threatens-the-humane-jewish-tradition.html - the growing Israeli intolerance, AKA racism!


I agree but as a Canadian I would like to go further and break ties with the Racist, warmongering, torturing, imperial USA


Yes even though the Palestinians are just as much if not more Semitic than most Israeli Jews


Israelis have become the NAZIs of the 21st century and Palestinians the new Jews … these people and their supporters are truely FUBAR


I hate to say it but it seems as though the Likudnics are working hard to make people wish that Hitler had been successful. How can they be so fucking demented?


Who would make an excuse for this act?


As we speak the Jewish lobbies in the U.S. are crafting a
response that will give cover to this crime.


If Jews are trying to make me an anti-semite because I can count on my two hands the number of American Jews who are out in the streets protesting these crimes, denouncing ISRAEL and not just Netanyahu, well, it’s working.




Thanks for filling in the blanks. I’m not one to be too wordy or to give back-ground.



There can be no cover…there must not be any cover, no where to hide now, it’s too late.


As a 63 year old Jewish man I have never felt as ashamed as I am today. We were disgraced, humiliated and murdered by the Nazis but what did we learn? Today the State of Israel, as epitomized by its soldiers’ contemptuous glee, is humiliating and murdering innocent Palestinians. This has to end.


Don’t say it and don’t trust these kind of articles. Israel is seriously and apartheid state. These kinds of articles make me think of propaganda to collect the non supporters. Look at who owns our media and who’s really behind big brother and our quickly moving loss of rights. Edit that post and don’t say things like that. We have a gov that is massively pro Israel because Israel bought our politicians. AIPAC. Eventually we’ll all be declared enemy combatants for just text messages of “no war.”