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Video Shows Officers in Unmarked Vehicles Surround, Arrest Activists in Kenosha for the Crime of... Trying to Serve Free Food

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/28/video-shows-officers-unmarked-vehicles-surround-arrest-activists-kenosha-crime


Seems to me the real problem here is that US police departments think that a Police State is the goal, not something to avoid. While the Drump GOP has dramatically accellerated this impulse, let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that the entire Establishment Wonk Class (AKA the Plutocrats in power) haven’t been instrumental in bringing us to this moment.

The “any killing of the police” (even in self-defense instances) is 1st degree murder, the untouchable “authority” of police unions, the ubiquitous acceptance of police excuses after the fact - none of these things arose from a vacuum.

Look no further than the history of the “drug wars” waged by “law enforcement” as primarily a weapon to keep minority populations in a criminal class where they’re more easily controlled. While this historically has been about race, it’s always been about socio-economic class as well. The addition of poor whites to prison populations via crystal meth proves that the economic class war has always been a big part of the program.

How the hell has everyone lost sight of what “a few bad apples” actually warns about? The entire barrels have been spoiled now for so long, this “few” argument holds no weight at all.


“Citizen’s tip” my rosy-pink Irish ass. That’s a “parallel construction” meant to hide the fact that they got the information from dragnet surveillance methods of the NSA listening in on cellphones. Anyone assisting protesters is the enemy, and that’s exactly how the Riot Kitchen volunteers were treated.

Contrast that with letting a 17-year-old double murderer walk away from the crime scene with the murder weapon strapped to his chest.

Anyone trying to tell me we’re a “free country” hasn’t been paying attention for a long, long time.


Yes. The more videos we have of one sided violence by state authorities against peaceful, martyr-like protestors, the less effective the GOP’s “BLM=looters” attack becomes.


I hope that you are right about that meme becoming less effective, but his avid base laps it up. I am fairly certain that it even motivates them to vote for the Orange POS. I do agree that a public prepared to record police abuse are here to stay.


I wasn’t saying that the “law and order” messaging is ineffective. I believe it to not be particularly potent anymore, but every time some dumb anarchists infiltrate a protest and set a building on fire, it helps the Republican talking point. Anarchists don’t care about the political effects of their “direct action,” though, so our best hope is that police brutality serves as an even more compelling story than hooligans causing trouble. It’s all about the narrative.

I bet those folks were feeding parking meters too…

Damn hippies.


Yeah, suspiciously feeding parking meters!

One should be very way of conflating hooligans with anarchists as that supports Biden’s right wing talking points that “Anarchists should be prosecuted.” People who break windows and destroy property are not true anarchists but are, to use your term, hooligans. If you were to brush up on your history you would discover that true anarchists such as Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin, and Emma Goldman all eschewed violence for its own sake while also realizing that oppression comes from the top down and that the people, not the elites, plutocrats, and oligarchs, are the ones who should be making the decisions instead of a government run by two corrupt political parties. Unfortunately people seem to have forgotten that it was the IWW [Industrial Workers of the World] and not the politicians such as a Woodrow Wilson, who crushed the IWW during the time of WW I, who had the best interests of the people at heart.

While one will find that the police and right wing militias have shot at and killed protesters one will be hard pressed to find any genuine anarchists who have killed anyone during these troubled times. Anarchists make convenient scapegoats, both by the Republicans and the Democrats.


It shows how out of touch our incumbency has become. If Jesus was a time traveler, this era today is probably the era he was trying to target, to prevent us from making planet and species altering events. unfortunately he overshot a little bit.

Giving free food to the poor should never be a crime. The police were likely reacting as much to to the groups name as to their stated mission.

Its complicated. The Diggers used to give away free food during the Summer of Love, but that was before a meal in a San Francisco restaurant averaged >$50.

Maybe food should be free? We can certainly afford it.


If these cops are going to have total disregard for the bill of rights and numerous other laws, the least they can do is hire an expensive pr consultant to tell them they are making total fools of themselves and are undermining the rule of law by being lawless. I mean where do they find these 'tards?

They then should hire and expensive attorney to tell them they are going to get their silly asses sued.

These police are terrorists.


I’m sure our forthright and stalwart Democratic governor will express his utter outrage at this travesty of justice.

Walker’s gone, but the stench, while a bit less overwhelming, still pervades the governor’s mansion, which I live a few blocks away from.


I’m sorry, but has all of the cops in Kenosha drunk the Kool-aid or have the steroids they’ve been taking for years shrunk their brains down to the size of a raisan?

Either way, why can’t law abiding citizens who are faced with deadly force from these mindless cops, just take a flamethrower to clear them out of the way, and claim they felt their lives were in mortal danger?

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Fuck police


Anarchists are merely the plainclothes cops hired to break windows, set fires, and in general, make peaceful protestors look like hoodlums.


How would you think about privatizing and globalizing police forces as the default for the entire country?

Pay would be a lot lower, and officers would be from all around the world. Lots of the money they earned would be spent on their living expenses, but at least some of the money would likely be sent home.

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Hi Ticiki : : )
But the police have an ANTI-SOCIAL Disease.
I am wondering… they had to break the window, they couldn’t wait for it to be rolled down?

As to feeding people, in So CA. people got in trouble for feeding the homeless in parks----and now so many, so many people are living in tents on the sidewalks.America is a failing nation—and so very soon there will be more tents on sidewalks. in every city of this nation. : (


I dunno. Any cursory look at the incursion of rightwingers into leftie FB groups or Twitter threads will show that the Trumpites LOVE this shit. Eat it right up. They think the murderer is a hero, fer crisesake.


Under the Trump or Biden administrations, you can bet the one thing they won’t do is let poor people live peacefully somewhere.