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Video: White Nationalists Heil Hitler, Praise Trump at DC Summit


Video: White Nationalists Heil Hitler, Praise Trump at DC Summit

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Atlantic published a video on Monday that shows attendees of a white nationalist conference giving Nazi salutes and cheering as movement leader Richard B. Spencer, who has been credited with coining the term "alt-right," delivers a speech describing the U.S. as "a white country designed for ourselves and our posterity...it belongs to us."


Can somebody please rewrite "The Producers"?


Thus comes another "funny little man".



This organization, and other alt right, white nationalist groups, have undeniably drawn succor from Trump's election. Trump's failure to denounce them during the campaign or post-election is also deplorable, as it suggests through his silence that he is content to have their support while keeping just enough distance to retain the option to repudiate them when it will prove politically beneficial to him.

My point here is only that the media is focusing too much attention on these groups, which are a marginal element in the overall society. Knowing that there would be significant media coverage, Spencer and others at the conference deliberately used terms like "Lügenpresse" and made the Nazi salute to gain more media attention, and they have achieved their purpose. Alarmist media coverage bolsters their cause. Where are the media analyses demonstrating how marginal these groups and their ideology really are? Not sensational enough?

Vigilance yes, strict enforcement of the law when they commit violence or vandalism, yes. Endowing them with false legitimacy, as if they represent a potent political force in America, through excessive and attention-grabbing media coverage, NO. That's how Trump himself became mainstream!


I get it, conceivably this is worth knowing, before this story hit the web the words alt-right were not even on my radar, so im more educated, but then again jackasses say all sorts of stuff all the time. I cant help feel the lessens from trumps campaign success have been lost. Does this not amount to free publicity for these white nationalists?

idk.. whatever

saw a young-man with a confederate flag waving behind his truck, and a cute little girlfriend riding around with him.
She probably doesn't care too much that he is a total fucking idiot, if it even registers, she's just blown away by his confidence. And he's just happy to have an identity that is counter culture enough to give him something to boost arrogantly about. These are the impressionable youth that will be carrying out their fascist manipulator's orders. So lets figure out how we De-normalize the "hate" that the media is so ready to run with. (maybe we encourage the young people out there to outreach to these misguided "children of the sun", before they grow into men)


Don't blame me. I voted for Bernie first, then I voted for HRC in the general election to block an incipient fascist. Noam Chomsky advised us to hold our noses and vote for Hillary. You have to be a damn fool to believe that Hillary is just as bad as Trump. We are in for hell with Trump.


"America was until this past generation a white country designed for ourselves and our posterity," he says. "It is our creation, it is our inheritance, and it belongs to us."

Boy does this meme just ache to be unpacked.
Unfortunately to the extremely limited extent in terms of "design", the speaker and the assertion could and not only should, but truly begs to be engaged.
The thoroughly delusional narcissism is a reflection of entire "designs" that are responsible for the deadly problems we face. I would dearly love to see an assessment based on historical record, comparison with texts books and what is being taught (and not taught) in schools. Most glaring is the denial of the diversity of cultures and genius that IN FACT have contributed to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING contained in that inheritance (aside from the deadly hatred). From the numerical system and medical concepts to intellectual properties that corporations are vying to steal from various indigenous peoples.
This poor soul has no idea of the societal wealth he has been and is throwing away.

There is a meme floating around of "post-truth". Folks can certainly walk down that path, but I would assert that it is essentially a cowardly death wish.


Well..dumb..pointless..angry..whatever. But what? The New Left "Doesn't Hate"? You're "Not" consumed with actual 'by definition' "Hate" for Trump? If you say 'Oh no! Not us..we would never do that...gall..' then I guess I have to suggest you never get anywhere...near...a voice stress analysis or polygraph machine. The New Left is Both...Authoritarian (almost to the point of totalitarian/fascist) as well as consumed with hate, fear and "Sneering Contempt" for pretty much "Anyone Who Dares To Disagree With Us". PC is hate. It is absolutely the most rabid and disturbing form of mass censorship to come down the pike. Because its camouflaged as 'dogooderism'. Like so much of New Left Authoritarianism and Hate..it has this terrifying component of being 'hidden' by the idea that "everyone agrees with us" and "anyone who does not is (pick your camouflaged hate-slur) 'xenophobic', 'homophobic', 'misogynist' etc.."so really we're just doing the right thing..gall". Its exactly like the Israel vs. Palestine insanity; If you agree (as I do) that Israel is essentially an Apartheid State..well, pretty much any Israeli then calls you "Antisemitic" as would many others, ironically..even Trump and his supporters. Yeah, that's right, if you agree that Israel's treatment of Palestine is wrong...as do many in the New Left.. Then its you..who are on the other end of this insane nightmare of 'Identity Politics"..because suddenly you're..the "anti-XYZ". Point is..its that easy to 'flip' the scenario because in reality PC is false and meaningless. We do have the right to ignore each others 'feelings'. And we should have that right. The ACLU defended the Klan. Speech YOU feel is 'wrong' is Protected and is the definition of the 1st amendment. The New Left is opposed to freedom of expression and vehemently PRO-Censorship. Just one of their crypto-authoritarian facets. The New Left is much more a threat to freedom than the current "Right" because the New Left IS the "Old" Right. The Left has replaced the Evangelical Right as the party "most willing to enforce codes of behavior...by any means necessary." I'm ready to resist Trump, but not while some fake left hypocrite is "Telling Me How To Live". Truth..or Nothing!


Once again, lots of ranting in that paragraph and it is hard to make sense of it. Can you give some specific examples - ones that you have experienced or observed - of the speech and behavior that the "left" (which left?) is stifling?

And what the hell is the "new left"? That term referred to long extinct resurgence of Marxism back in the 1960s that was part of the hippie movement in the US.


Rather than "post-truth", a better term is "post fact". Whave seen the rise of a rather terrifying popular, internet social media-driven phenomena whereby a person fabricates and plucks "facts" out of thin air to support their emotional impulse-driven beliefs.

There are even people making huge amounts of money in if, as described here:


I will never understand why so many minorities either voted for Trump, particularly in the case of Hispanics, or didn't vote. Clinton should have won Florida given the demographics of that state. The Green Party people were trying to get to 5% for the Green Party to be eligible for federal funding. There was no realistic chance of Jill Stein getting 5% but the Green Party people seem to live in a fantasy world of a coming progressive revolution so clinging to that fantasy is vital for them regardless of the consequences in the real world.


I’m just not deep enough to get your brilliance. You shouldn’t be wasting your time with mortals like us anyway.


At least the mask is off of the beast.


Hey, thanks for pushing for Clinton during the primaries and defending things those crazy leftists were ultimately correct in critiquing. You, and people like yourself, are the last people that should be giving advice to the left on how to move forward. The pipe dream was thinking Clinton was anything other than a horrible candidate, and thinking that the policies she and Bill have long supported could be supported indefinitely, regardless of the consequences. Even if she won, things would continue to get worse, and another Trump would emerge in 2020, maybe even someone worse in some ways like Ted Cruz. The brilliant logic I heard from DNC hacks was, support Clinton as a means to avoid Trump. Not much thought put into the fact that the impact of the policies people like Clinton have supported has created a context in which Trump could emerge in the first damn place. The people that want the Greens to get 5% aren’t off, they just haven’t proven to be a vehicle of progressive change to this point. This is the case even more with the Democrats, by the way, so you aren’t in a position to mock anyone. The Democrats have a window of time to figure this out, or another party will emerge. 40% of the country now refuses to identify with either party, only 26% identify as Democrats. The Socialist Party had a huge impact on politics, even though its candidate (Debs) in 1912 only got 6% of the vote nationally. Don’t delude yourself about what is coming, if you don’t radically change your party.


Richard B. Spencer: " A white country designed for ourselves and our posterity...it belongs to us."

What one hell of a horrible statement! Something one would expect to hear in Nazi Germany when they demonized the Jews.

Only a brainwashed, intellectual eunuch could believe this country belongs to Richard and his fellow white nationalists.
If this country belongs to anyone, it belongs to the Native Americans who had been here for a least 10,000 years before " America was discovered" by white terrorists who stole their country and slaughtered the indigenous tribes.

Also, if America belongs to anyone else; it belongs to the descendants of the slaves who were brought here against their will.

It can't happen here? It has happened here!


Is it me, or are the people that always mouth off about the master race the most un-fuckable people in the country? If they’re the master race, what perfection are we inching towards? LOL! On a side note, these people aren’t increasing their ranks. Trump wasn’t brought into office on a populist wave, people simply didn’t vote (thanks DNC) and he received less votes than Republicans in past elections, even though the voting age population is larger. They are simply embolden, and it’s important to not attribute power to them that they don’t have or to freak out either. We should resist them because they are embolden and might hurt people, but they don’t have the power to fulfil their insane fantasies. I also think that Trump is so disliked (and will enter office so unpopular) that the establishment in both parties wouldn’t hesitate to unseat him. Pence and the establishment are going to be running everything anyway, and everyone knows it. That, to me, is scarier than these bozos.


Excellent rebuttal!


" Thanks DNC."

Yes, from my perspective, Trump should send the DNC a thank you note!

When the corrupt, DNC threw Bernie under their political bus at their CON/VENTION, they assured a Trump victory. Bernie would have, in my view, buried Trump, as most polls would corroborate.

Many delegates in Philadelphia, claim the convention was fixed for Hillary, true or not, Trump needs to acknowledge all their help!


As repulsive as this is, there may be some benefits of the worms coming out of the woodwork. Since they feel so secure in being open, it gives us the opportunity to see who they are, how many there are and where they are. This could lead to some kind of national dialogue which could be positive and maybe help create a greater push to end this stuff. There is free speech but people and communities can unite is opposition to the people bringing forward this hate filled agenda. They will back down in the face of united people - communities which will not accept this. Maybe this can be the last stand of the white supremacist, neo-Nazis, lovers of the confederacy and indian haters. Once this sickness can be healed within the U.S., then maybe the country will understand how to have positive relations in the world.


Here, this is some good reading for you...