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Videotaping a Crime Is Not a Crime


Videotaping a Crime Is Not a Crime

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Protests against police brutality have rocked the country in the aftermath of the police killings of two African-American men, Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota. Videos of their deaths were shared on the internet, horrifying millions around the globe. Yet increasingly, people who record police violence are themselves being targeted, harassed, arrested and even imprisoned.


Chelsea Manning reported on brutal unauthorized murders within the MIC killing machine. But it was not HER moral act that met with positive response, rather, for blowing the whistle SHE pays a horrific price.

Edward Snowden reported on unauthorized spying of innocent civilians' emails and computer behaviors. As a result, there's been a price placed on his head and in spite of Mrs. Clinton and that crawling Clapper's assurance that he must fess up and face a trial (Inquisition) here, he remains under virtual house arrest in Russia.

Julian Assange provides a major service to the world in exposing the news that's being otherwise kept under raps and a phony sex crime is propped up to use against him. The result is that he's holed up under house arrest in U.K.

People who attempt to film and document what goes on at meat-packaging plants, near toxic spills in the Gulf and elsewhere, or even at major protests are harassed, forced to pay exorbitant fines, threatened, and sometimes incarcerated.

All of the above explain how it is that the ONE documenting the Police misconduct is the one to be punished.

All of the examples I've listed (and granted, it's an incomplete skeletal list) show one thing: Protection of the Offender with blame projected onto any so courageous as to expose their acts (and activities).

In an Inverted Totalitarian State, justice also becomes inverted:

"Videotaping a crime is not a crime. It’s a public service."


Yes, it has to stop. But why would it? This is what police are. This is what police do. This is policing.

Body cameras won't fix it. Sensitivity training won't fix it. Civilian oversight won't fix it. It is the power dynamic which is toxic.

Disarm the police. Then, disband the police.


Santa doesn't like getting caught in a wide stance in the stall...


Right on. Police are only the paid enforcers for the 1%, protecting only private property mainly owned by the rich, and not paid to protect the people. "Serve and Protect" - the 1%, yes, but their job is also to keep the rest of us cowed and in line.


Welcome to The Police States of America.


It is a crime if those who interpret the meaning of legal language and those who enforce the laws believe (there is no overarching thing called "The Law" which pretends to refer to the sum total of all laws and is spoken of as a great and noble thing on high that implies that the violation of anything that can be interpreted as any single law is actually "breaking The Law" with the implication that, as a "lawbreaker" any punishment the authorities say is "rightful and due").

The people, especially those likely to come to the attention of those who interpret the laws and are authorized (by written "black letter" laws) to violently enforce them, would be helped by learning about the concept of "the law." When told they were "breaking the Law" could reply that, no, they were disobeying a specific law as it is currently being interpreted. Of course, this could cause those supplied with the weapons used to compel compliance with the "The Law" they believe they are sanctioned "by the law" which they claim you are in violation of to use "force up to and including" lethal force on you for your disobedience, civil or otherwise.

But then you can then knowledgeably take your "duly authorized enforcement consequences" knowing for a fact that, as Charles Dickens wrote in Oliver Twist, "The law is an ass -- an idiot."


Clapper...Clapper. That name rings a bell...


My question to this is who is going to stop it? Not Obama and he has had 7 years to make real change occur. Hillary? Hardly. she loves the police state. Trump? Get serious for he isn't. Legal or not, the phones are taken (broken and not returned). Activists/witnesses are arrested, jailed, punished, harassed and threatened over and over and can be killed with impunity. In Baton Rouge the PD is now doing pre-emptive protests control--this is so 1984! The FBI has issued orders that BLM must be stopped. The PDs are armed to the teeth with military gear, threatening one and all (reporters, bystanders, etc), and the National Guard can be called out at any point (remember Kent State, Jackson, Little Rock, etc) as well as our own military--thanks to Bush 2. So...who is going to put a stop to all this domestic terrorism by all our PDs.? JFK, RFK, MLK--all dead. Peltier is dying in prison. Many of our activists are doing time out of plea deals. All the violence is all over MSM, lots of BS talk about unity (Obama went to Dallas to praise the praise the police when he should have been in Baton Rouge, up in MInn, down at Ferguson, over in Oakland--He should have been arm in arm with all those being held down, harassed, tortured, murdered but he wasn't. So who's gonna lead the parade and get slaughtered? There's no one left. Anyone who might step up is being silenced by MSM. I'm up for revolution. I'm up for real change. I'm up for bringing these predator (thanks Hillary!) cops to bear. So, what's the plan? How is this going to occur?


This looks like and is institutionalized barbarity. The word barbaric, an adjective, describing an entity, action or methodology, reflects, I would assert, a core inversion inherent in rationalizations, arguably narcissistic, of impunity for violence in order to erase any notion of inherent integrity of the person, and/or natural flora or fauna over which the dominating entity falsely claims control.

From the online etymology dictionary:
barbarian (adj.) mid-14c., from Medieval Latin barbarinus (source of Old French barbarin "Berber, pagan, Saracen, barbarian"), from Latin barbaria "foreign country," from Greek barbaros "foreign, strange, ignorant," from PIE root *barbar- echoic of unintelligible speech of foreigners (compare Sanskrit barbara- "stammering," also non-Aryan," Latin balbus "stammering," Czech blblati "to stammer").

Greek barbaroi (n.) meant "all that are not Greek," but especially the Medes and Persians. Originally not entirely pejorative, its sense darkened after the Persian wars. The Romans (technically themselves barbaroi) took up the word and applied it to tribes or nations which had no Greek or Roman accomplishments. The noun is from late 14c., "person speaking a language different from one's own," also (c. 1400) "native of the Barbary coast;" meaning "rude, wild person" is from 1610s.

Much has been made of this being a "post-colonial" era. I beg to differ. Today's corporation owned institutions use a 14th century play book of intensely convoluted and ultimately self-destructive narcissism where ignorance is a fuel as old and as toxic as tar sands.


'Video taping is not a crime. It's a Public Service."

True Public Service has been under attack for years, now.
A Criminal Entity controls our Government and thereby our Law Enforcement, making sure that the Law is enforced Selectively. Never on the Elites, and, in true bully fashion, Always on the Powerless.
Our Bought and Paid For elected officials are making this hole deeper by the day.
As Page & Gilens have revealed, the Will of the People is no longer Represented in Congress.
Just as President Kennedy was permanently removed by the same CIA team used to topple Foreign Governments, we are now an Occupied People in our Own Country, and are treated as such.


I can't give you a like. It's just past 9:30 a.m. and the site says I already "used up all my likes today." Really? I just started.


amy, i truly enjoyed last thursday's interview with former seattle police chief, norm stamper. this man gets it! if more police officers had his compassion, intelligence and understanding of the constitution they swear to uphold, we would not see these outrageous miscarriages of justice and abuse of power. i selected a small bit of the interview, but suggest that those who missed that broadcast listen to the entire show and meet this wonderful man.

The Constitution of the United States, the secular Bible of the land, tells police officers what they can and cannot do. And right now, a whole bunch of them are doing things that, by law, they cannot do.


When do we stop calling it policing and start calling it occupation?.


Some words are worth repeating and remembering. Thanks for your stating this.


This is simply what happens in a police state. Does anyone remember habeas corpus or the 4th Amendment to the Constitution.


Who says the two things are exclusive?


There was news this week of a patent by Apple intended to disable iPhone cameras via infrared signal. The purported intent was to disallow copyright violations by those who record live performances, but the idea immediately brought to mind among many that police departments would be delighted to obtain the capability as well. My guess is, if the technology appears on an upcoming model of phone, it won't be long before the money comes swarming in from police departments nationwide. A predictable next step would be for laws requiring such capability on every new camera and phone.