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View of Destruction: Satellite Images Reveal Devastating Amazon Fires in Almost Real-Time

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/23/view-destruction-satellite-images-reveal-devastating-amazon-fires-almost-real-time

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Slate is also countering the Bolsonaro BS:
#Why the Fires in the Amazon Are So Bad

Hey, nice to see you here, gonna post a comment? I did cuz it’s so great knowing I’m not the only one in this pot.

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Bolsonaro NEEDS TO GO! Anybody who sits by a not only lets but encourages his country to burn up NEEDS to GO.

Cult behavior. What cult has been cutting, burning the rain forest for decades so they can raise cattle? You will be surprised. Find a way to cut back on your beef consumption. I try to only buy/ consume beef when I am eating out of my home. I try not to purchase beef as part of my groceries.

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"The Amazon is the centre of the world. Right now, as our planet experiences climate collapse, there is nowhere more important. If we don’t grasp this, there is no way to meet that challenge."

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Indigenous settlements are routinely targeted in this manner. What we’re watching is beyond a continuation of the hemispheric genocide launched centuries ago, to the omnicidal culmination: never before has oppression so explicitly targeted Gaia herself, her vital terrestrial organ. Were the supercharged state resolved to burn down the Amazon, there’s not much in place to stop them. Certainly not “serious” people in USAmerica, where we don’t much notice as our goons inflict Bolsonaro on the world.


No worries, the UN will make sure this doesn’t continue.


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No, I can’t say “never before.” This looks a lot like what we white settlers did to the buffalo.

There is a lot of conflicting data just now - but it is being worked on. Social media images of the recent past showing fires from years ago, or fires not even in the Amazon, are not helpful.

An analysis of NASA satellite data last week indicated that the total fire activity in 2019 across the Amazon, not just Brazil, is close to the average when compared with a longer 15 year period.”

If the NASA data is correct, the fires are ‘close to average’. The Brazilian space agency INPE, whose director was just fired, only has data from several years ago.

So until we get a reputable scientific assessment, let’s look at this another way.

The real problem is a climate denialist and a populist authoritarian newly in charge of Brazil, and a region of the Earth, Amazonia, which includes many other South American countries other than Brazil, that may be approaching a critical tipping point, that point being the transition from rainforest to savannah, with all that implies, in a rapidly warming world due to man-made climate change, set amidst a backdrop of a United States which is now run by a madman, in a world political climate which seems intent on aping the USA.

The only sanity I see is at the United Nations, and yet still I hear the UN denigrated. And why ?

It is just another form of scapegoating, by peoples (read USA) who find themselves eunuchs in service to the Emperor, and lash out at the first available target.

Sickening !

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Alaska is having it’s first extreme drought. Ya so, all of this type of transition was known to be coming over 20 years ago by our governments. All of the was foreseen and foretold. Now people who were hidden from the truth or the truth hidden from them are swiftly grasping at straws in panic. Dumb shits!

The very real problem is the sensationalization of all this news. The headlines, the photo’s from the scene, the inflammatory text feeds on itself just as a climate feedback loop. Don’t buy into it. It is a good day to die. Only love remains.

That’s Dustin Hoffman & Chief Dan George in “Little Big Man”, my very favorite !

But remember Gilbert, that expression is a warrior’s going into the fight, not resignation.

There are technical ways out of this fix - but first must come general and REAL awareness of the clear & present danger, which is what this website is all about (I hope ?).

A soldier’s first instinct is to protect - not everyone can or should fight.

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Sorry Donny, but raking won’t get you very far on this one either.

It isn’t just a warrior’s cry. Robbie Robertson uses it in a completely different context. Sure wish you’d read my site’s climate pages 1 through 8, there is no techno fix. The very planet itself does not want us here anymore and will do everything in it’s powers to scrub itself clean of the infestation of 7.8 Billion people. We have shit our pants and we stink.

I dont know. As a species i am starting to think we arent worth saving. Look what we are doing to each other and this planet. Why does the world need us?