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Village Idiot Offers Congrats To Poland For Nazi Invasion That Decimated Their Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/09/03/village-idiot-offers-congrats-poland-nazi-invasion-decimated-their-country

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And to replace this village idiot, the d-party establishment places its bets on Joe ByeDone.

At this point, our corporate masters are downright giddy.


The picture is worth a thousand words: The horrified face of the little boy is what
military occupation is all about: then it was the Nazis against the Jewish people;
now it’s the Israelis against the Palestinians.


Zimet sez:
“This weekend, Trump stayed home to “monitor” Hurricane Dorian - aka play golf - rather than join a mournful, 40-nation ceremony in Poland …”

The guy does seem to struggle with oratorical competence, but it is more than made up for by his skill at skimming cash from cons.
Consider the brilliance of turning Hurricane Dorian into a double payday: he scrubs his own European trip to get taxpayers to fund a domestic holiday at one of his own golf clubs, AND shuffles Team Halfpence off to another of his clubs in Ireland, in his stead, to rake in more booty.

If asked to describe the Emoluments Clause, Chump would most likely say it wears a white beard and a red suit, flies around in a sleigh and comes down his chimney every night with a giant bag of goodies.


And don’t forget his shameless pitch at the end of the G-7 for his own Doral golf resort as the location for the next summit.

If only Hurricane Dorian would hover over Doral and Mar a Lago for a day or two. Then we could test the theory of whether a nuclear bomb could disperse a hurricane . . .


The Nazis used the term “Judenrein” (“Jew-free”) to describe what they hoped to achieve in Europe. As far back as the First Intifada in the late 1980s, Israelis were using the term “Arabrein” . . .

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I love “Mr. Fish’s” art: Trump as Ubu Roi! (And silly me, I thought George II was Ubu. “Merde!”)

To Pelosi and Schumer: “Are we there yet?”


Mr. Fish is brilliant.

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“Nazi invasion that launched the bloodiest war in history.”

Although the invasion was launched by a regime controlled by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party - called ‘Nazis’ as a derogatory term (suggesting feeble-mindedness*) by its opponents, the invaders were predominately not Party members and the invasion was as much a ‘German’ crime as a ‘Nazi’ one.

Hitler and the National Socialists didn’t arrive in Germany from another planet and if it wasn’t them that sought to undo the Treaty of Versailles, there is a high possibility that there would have been another German nationalist government that would have endeavored to at least regain territory lost to Poland after WWI.

German governments have been considerably decent in recognizing that the acts of the ‘Nazi’ regime were also a German responsibility. Referring solely to ‘Nazi’ invasions instead of ‘German’ invasions lessens that.

" Poland suffered some of the worst horrors of World War II, with nearly six million Poles, close to a quarter of the populace killed. "

World War II reduced the 1939 population of Poland from about 35 million to about 24 million by 1946 - so its ‘nearly 11 million killed, close to a third of the population.’

September 17th will be the 80th anniversary of the less known invasion of Poland by the Soviet Union.

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