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Vindicated: Wash. Court Delivers Win for Youths Demanding Right to Stable Climate


Vindicated: Wash. Court Delivers Win for Youths Demanding Right to Stable Climate

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A group of young petitioners in Washington state fighting for a stable climate—and therefore livable world—was vindicated late Thursday when a judge affirmed that the state has a constitutional and public trust obligation to protect the environment.

"It’s incredible to have the court finally say that we do have a right to a healthy atmosphere and that our government can’t allow it to be harmed," said 13-year-old petitioner Gabriel Mandell.


My Interpretation of Court Ruling: Washington State must immediately halt the use of biobased ethanol in the fuel supply. whereby the ethanol is produced from fertilizer grown feedstock. It is well established that 3% of all fertilizer used to grow crops goes into the air as N2O, a global warming gas 296 times more potent as CO2. Further, it is well established that ethanol in the fuel supply damages or destroys many of the open-cycle engines in use. Such equipment, when damaged, can operate less efficiently, dramatically increasing exhaust pollution; and when destroyed, can require the owner to replace with a new piece of equipment, which puts more stress on Earth’s resources. Such discarded equipment puts further strain on our landfills. When used in vehicle engines, it has been established by extensive testing by America’s vehicle manufacturers that half the cars tested were damaged by E15, partly because many exhaust catalytic converters were overheated by the ethanol’s extra oxygen. Furthermore, in 2008 when I ran for the state legislature, a WA Dept of Ecology official personally told me that any more than 2% ethanol in the fuel supply and Seattle exceeds the EPA Ozone Attainment Levels. The American Heart Association has publicly declared that ethanol in the fuel will greatly increase the deaths by respiratory illness.

As a timber grower, I know timber thrives with increased carbon dioxide.


"As a timber grower, I know timber thrives with increased carbon dioxide."

That is why when i ride the train east from Seattle all i see are miles and miles of dying trees. They are thriving under this human-disrupted climate!


Right on to these young people, and right on to Judge Hollis for such an astonishingly honest, fact-based judicial opinion!


i agree with you about the ethanol mandate.


Mean spirit, much?


More than likely trees would be dying from the increased ozone caused by ethanol. Ozone is a reactive gas that causes cellular breakdown. We don't have that problem on the Olympic Peninsula.


Boy are you absurd. Like being a vegetarian is all that special. Own a car? Use electricity? Own anything made of plastic? Wear only cotton, wool and silk? Own sneakers? Drink juice from plastic bottles? Eat exclusively organic foods despite the cost.

Be thou perfect and an asshole!

These kids deserve ONLY praise you silly fool.


Actually there have been studies made to see if that claim that increased carbon dioxide is beneficial to growing plants. They constructed greenhouses and pumped in CO2 and tested the growth of various plants. While in the short term there was a spurt of growth, over the long term the increased CO2 had a detrimental effect on all except a few plants. The majority suffered debilitating effects from the increased CO2. Lower crop yields can be expected and this has been born out in decreased yields already being recorded. People want to believe what they want to believe but a simple google check will show them the results from the studies.


Herrera-Beutler and Judge Hollis Hill - sometimes it feels good to be a Washingtonian. Sometimes it feels awful and good all in about the same time.


Every now and again the people in the USA achieve something marvellous.


Imagine planning like the original stewards of the northwest.
If it is good for the seventh generation beyond us,
It is good for us.


What are your references to CO2 being detrimental? CO2 generators are commonly employed in greenhouses. Per the USDA, "One of the requirements for the growth of green plants is the presence of carbon dioxide (CO2). This gas is necessary for photosynthesis one of the fundamental processes in higher plants. Photosynthesis is the process of
combining CO2 and water in plant leaves in the presence of sunlight to form carbohydrates These carbohydrates are the source of energy used by plants in growing.Light, temperature, and CO2 may all limit the rate of photosynthesis and carbohydrate production in plants. Research has shown that adding CO2 to the atmosphere of a closed greenhouse can increase tomato yields by increasing both fruit size and number of fruit when the other factors are not limiting. The addition of CO2 can also result in earlier-maturing tomatoes..." naldc.nal.usda.gov/naldc/download.xhtml?id=CAT87211183.. You also can go tow co2science.org and read any number of published studies on CO2 induced growth.


Stanford University - dec 11, 2002
National Geographic
The journal Science

Among others have reported that climate change induced by increased CO2 can result in decreased crop yields of certain crops and decreased nutritive levels.

Controlled amounts of CO2 in isolation in a greenhouse is not what they were testing. They were testing increased CO2 plus climate change which was how I reponded to the poster's comment

Btw decreased crop yields are being recorded already in places (India) however it is dependent on which crop is being grown


Sorry I should have been more zpecific about the temperature plus CO2 Connection.
I forget to state what I assume is obvious at least on CD about climate change.
However I did name the Stanford study first which specific ally relates the testing parMeters
Edit added

No apologies for bio g on mobile and doomed to spellcheckdf hell made worse by big fonts app. Lol


This is the link of which I was asking: http:// news.stanford.edu/news/2002/december11/jasperplots-124.html. Stanford Report, December 11, 2002. The title can be misleading because the study shows that increased CO2 when heat, water, and nitrogen are added, doesn't increase growth by as much as if CO2 wasn't increased. It's a lower rate of increase.

High carbon dioxide levels can retard plant growth, study reveals
BY MARK SHWARTZ :"The three-factor combination of increased temperature, precipitation and nitrogen deposition produced the largest stimulation [an 84 percent increase], but adding carbon dioxide reduced this to 40 percent," Shaw and her colleagues wrote.

The mean net plant growth for all treatment combinations with elevated carbon dioxide was about 4.9 tons per acre -- compared to roughly 5.5 tons per acre for all treatment combinations in which carbon dioxide levels were kept normal. However, when higher amounts of carbon dioxide gas were added to plots with normal temperature, moisture and nitrogen levels, aboveground plant growth increased by nearly a third.

Why would elevated carbon dioxide in combination with other factors have a suppressive effect on plant growth? The researchers aren't sure, but one possibility is that excess carbon in the soil is allowing microbes to outcompete plants for one or more limiting nutrients...."

But this also illustrates my point about growing food for fuel that emits N2O into the air. The Study would indicate that such increases would hamper the growth rate of plants when in the presence of increased CO2.


I appreciate your thoroughness but I do not have the various sites on hand to help my recollection. Like you I gravitate to speculative futures but ones based on scientific facts not fantasy

The gist of the research that I did considered the increase of heat first (that 7 F degree tipping point limit) and then on various CO2 levels.

Another point was that only certain crops were affected but that several cereal grains that are mainstays were but others were not.

I came away with the understanding that the high temp/increased CO2 combo would not support the deniers claims of it having a beneficial component. Subsequent articles confirmed lower crop yields due to textreme heat (plus CO2). In india.

Willing to be corrected if that is warranted. I do not claim to be an agronomist


Back to the original article about children suing for a stable climate. I contend that many implemented environmental actions actually do more harm than good. That's a basic premise of my novels, The Carbon Trap, and, The Carbon Cross, whereby a genetic solution to reduce global carbon dioxide ultimately threatens all life on Earth.


It is my suspicion that many in positions of power believe that some global geoengineering scheme (real geoengineering and not chemtrails nonsense) will pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute and save us from having done too little about climate change!

It worries me that we dawdle as the tipping points go by.