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Vindicating 'Arctic 30', Court Orders Russia to Pay for Greenpeace Arrests


Vindicating 'Arctic 30', Court Orders Russia to Pay for Greenpeace Arrests

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Russia must compensate the Netherlands for its seizure of a Greenpeace ship two years ago, which led to the arrest of 30 international environmental activists, a court in the Hague ruled on Monday.


The Russians have also overstepped their bounds in the Arctic with their incursion into Norwegian territories and Norway’s closed bases (which were closed as a result of end of the Cold War and the diminished threat from Russia…???). There are oil, mineral, and gas deposits that Russia covets and under the empirical reign of Putin, the Russian form of international diplomacy is one of 'No holds barred." The bear has historically muscled its way into any and all sectors it intends to usurp. There may be no more USSR but Putin runs the show just like he did while was in the KGB and applies lessons he learned while serving Yeltsin in the govt.


I am glad that the international courts made the right decision. Israel has done the same thing in international waters on several occasions. Actually Israel was much worse because they beat and murdered people. Why have they been allowed to get away with it?


Very little news could have made me happier today than this! YAY, YOU ROCK, GREENPEACE! Now, if we could zap Shell and their brethren and someone tie a gag on Obomber, I’d be even happier…that damn hypocrite. I’ve no more patience for the rapists of the planet and murderers of the animals we still have left.


I did use the wrong term…I meant to say imperial. Did you forget to take your meds? You are the first Putin apologist I have ever encountered. Your personal attacks are unnecessary.

My comments can be verified/substantiated with facts whereas your invective is vacuous at best.