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'Vindication': Bayer Reaches $10 Billion Settlement Over Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/24/vindication-bayer-reaches-10-billion-settlement-over-roundup-cancer-lawsuits

A good start up the road to healthier foods and a safer environment. We can all do our part by living and growing organic gardens and eating our organic foods. Share with neighbors, trade with people, communicate with friends and neighbors to promote a clean planet with clean water, clean air and clean food without Monsanto or Bayer. Peace

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A strong winning lawsuit was needed. It showed all of us users to be a hell-of-a lot more careful with this stuff.
Killed the grass on my side of the fence my neighbor put up. Keeps the weeds in the open areas down. It isn’t leaching onto/into anything.

I would switch to something safer if it was as effective.