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Vindication: Protesters Who 'Put Arms Trade on Trial' Acquitted


Vindication: Protesters Who 'Put Arms Trade on Trial' Acquitted

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Protesters who had blocked the road outside one of the world's largest arms fairs were cleared of charges on Friday, with the judge finding "credible and largely unchallenged evidence" of wrongdoing at the weapons expo.

In mid-September while the DSEI (Defence Security Equipment International) was underway in London, the five men and three women were charged with wilful obstruction of a highway for attempting to stop delivery of equipment to the arms fair.


Thank you for your service to peace.



Absolutely awesome that the judge found their specific defense credible: The defendants were acting to prevent far greater crimes by the arms merchants.

In a basically sane society, this would mean that now action will be taken by the state to intercede against future crimes by those international arms merchants.

Of course in a basically sane society there would be no international arms merchants...


I look forward to the day when that legal precedent applies in the U.S. Not that I expect to live that long. I'm trying to imagine a similar outcome for peace protesters here, and it's strictly fantasyland for now...

Those eight protesters are heroes. So, IMHO, is District Judge Angus Hamilton.

Thank you all.


The military and their associated $trillions$ have enough money to convince many people that they are a force for good. You just just have to look at the killings and poverty in Central America except for one country, Costa Rica. They abolished their military in 1948. Since that time it has been the most peaceful and happy country in the western hemisphere.


That Judge is to be commended. Interesting potential precedent in British law. Some years ago a British jury acquitted some activists who had entered a factor or aircraft hangar where aircraft which could be used for military purposes in Indonesia were being stored prior to shipment and seriously damaged them with hammers. The defendents then had used the same argument as the present activists.


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