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Vino Vixen and the Enemies' List


Vino Vixen and the Enemies' List

Another day, another surreal tale of cultism and dysfunction. A former beverage lobbyist/wine blogger and new "senior adviser" to the State Department's Bureau of International Organization Affairs is on a mission to sniff out Bolsheviks...oops, staffers not sufficiently loyal to Dear Leader. She checks their social media and work history seeking "signs of ideological deviation," then excludes miscreants from briefings. Because only the best people.


“Ideological deviation”? Really? And yet our Government has the unmitigated gall to criticize a
number of other countries for this type of thing (Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran, just to name a few).

Before our Government and our “Mainstream” media lob stones, methinks it would behoove us to get our own house in order.


Ahh…The Representative from The Ministry of Propaganda
I assume the Gestapo is also represented in our ranks somewhere.

But, But, Her hair is So Perfect, and so is her Smile, So, So… Disarming…

But that would all go for

Dana Loesh- NRA’s Talking Face
Kellyanne Conway- Trumpy’s Significant Other
Ann Coulter- Just plain Redneck

Am I sensing a methodology here…no way, it just happens that way.


I guess when the White House has to have a job fair they’re desperate. Hiring Wino Bitch was definitely dredging the bottom of the barrel.