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Violence Against Women: A Pandemic No Longer Hidden


Violence Against Women: A Pandemic No Longer Hidden

César Chelala

Harvey Weinstein never imagined that actresses’ complaints against his abusive behavior would trigger a worldwide movement for women’s justice and fair treatment by men. Despite continued acceptance of physical and sexual violence against women, both women and men are now organizing across cultures and socioeconomic classes to challenge and change gender-based abuse and injustice.


as a survivor of physical violence i cannot understand why everyone stays so silent when it comes to their friend or family member who is the abuser. i once sat in a church service where a man was seeking “forgiveness” for attacking his wife. the people swarmed him by the laying of hands and they prayed for him. i wonder if she was given the same treatment after the abuse?


The societies we are living in are patriarchal death cults. It’s good to address this issue but it’s a subset and unfortunately, the larger context was left unexamined. Time to take a comprehensive look.