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Violence Brought Us Trump, It’s Not How We Will Stop Him


Violence Brought Us Trump, It’s Not How We Will Stop Him

Kazu Haga

What’s next? That is the big question facing this country after the election. And many people have been sharing their thoughts on that over social and traditional media, over dinner conversations, at the office and on the bus with complete strangers. And, as expected, people are all over the map with ideas and strategies.

One developing theme is that we need to escalate — utilize more militant tactics in our resistance movements. Hatred, division and ignorance has escalated, so it is only natural that our response to it has to escalate along with it to match its intensity.


Thank-you Mr. Haga for the timely appeal and advice on the need to avoid violence in the challenging years, ahead. And challenging they will be. While we progressives have a long tradition of non-violent protest, the inevitable resistance that will develop against Trump will include factions that do not have such a tradition. As you say, if we fail to stand by those Trump supporters who voted out of the need for economic security and understand that we will need to work with them to improve their lot, we are sowing the seeds for violence, ourselves. If we simply dismiss them all as deplorables and racists, we play right into Trump's hand.


I also thank Kazu for his inspiring perspective. I would add that I agree with the need for non violence and to see the whole picture, not just our own viewpoint.
As we move forward to resist the Trump regime and it's destructive policies we will need to be an army of educators. I find most people do not seek out enough information to see the bigger picture. We have to educate against the notion that facts no longer matter if they don' t support our view point. The truth is most often arrived at by exploring the facts on all sides of the issue. We must reach out to those who in their economic isolation and misery sought a solution in Trump. We must do all we can to not only advocate for a just solution for them but also to help education and empower people to seek the truth through facts and knowledge not misinformation that feeds their self interest. Education and critical thinking is at a low point when someone like Trump is able to rise up despite the use of lies and the distain for facts. This election and turn of events shows me clearly that the media will not be a provider of truth and facts in their role at educating their audience. We the resistance movement must rise up and advocate for truth, facts and critical thinking.
Non violence is a must a violent response will only feed more violence, look out into the world and we see that is almost always the result. But civil non violent disobedience must be combined with education, the truth and facts will guide the way.


Thank you for your perspective, and for recommitting to caring for yourself and those around you. Perhaps this is another wake up call to say that we need a common purpose perhaps national days of giving back that we can all be proud of, and serve our communties. Sometimes humans need a common purpose to unite rather than divide especially with a threat of more authoritarianism ahead. Thank you for being positive especially when the media emphsizes hatred and division. Failure: another bump in the road of life.


The problem with Trump is the problem of capitalism, the problem of money, the problem of extracting natural resources for financial gain, not for necessity. Until that mindset changes, we will have people like Trump rising to the top of this country.... It is a deep mindset and pattern that must change. We can do much to advance humanity by looking to our indigenous brothers and sisters to enlighten us with their world view.... Until we change ourselves and how we care for our planet, our ecosystems, each other, things will not change.. For as Pogo said, Trump is us.....We are the enemy.......

We are heading towards great events that will tear down our systems....be they economic or environmental... We may need these systems to tear down the deadwood so that something else can arise. Prepare and adapt to this new system....Accept what is coming.....


Thank you for this timely and wonderful article. I love that statistics bear this out.
I was ten years old in 1966, and even though I knew what I was seeing I couldn't put a word to it until I was older. If I were to put one over simple term for what I saw in the civil rights movement of Martin Luther King, and others, it would be "dignified determination".

as a child it was very easy to see the contrast between the people marching, with dignity, with determination and with heads held high and not allowing themselves to be baited by the yahoos trying to bait and shower abuse on them. As a child or adult that was a very powerful sight. I didn't know the ins and outs, except I knew that people of color should not be repressed and treated differently.

And growing up, films weren't filled with marvel superheroes, transformers, and just mindless crap. Sidney Poitier was a hero, and also acted roles with a dignity that was astounding. Pretty much all his films at that time.

Keeping in the film world, just for inspiration, I also recall Dustin Hoffmans character in Kramer vs. Kramer telling his boss "shame...on...you" without yelling and it seemed to me the worst rebuke one could get. We need to also point out the shame on you to the folks that should be ashamed of their actions,

The inspiration is there. The precedence also. I keep thinking that even a child, if shown just video clips of Trump, his picks for cabinet, etc. would see "here is not a good person" it isn't hard to do.


For me the best example of this need for love and non-violence is the Native Americans in the DAPL fight. They fight for the love and protection of the land and their way of life. They have drawn in huge attention to their cause and to the love they put out. They have schooled us again in the way to get things done. They could not have gotten so many to come to their aid had they been violent. Even the veterans saw the injustice and came. It is the way to win in Trumps world of "winning bigly".


Wow ... what a great article. Though I know it is wrong and ineffective, my first response to inequality and injustice (a form of violence under capitalism) is to strike back. I have to fight against this evil, individual fault nearly every day.

Every day I remind myself that the only way that the state (centralized government) and capitalism maintain themselves is through coercion, intimidation and force. [Most] people would not chose to be dominated, exploited and oppressed ... they would choose freedom. The following quote says it quite well:

“See, people with power understand exactly one thing: violence.”
― Noam Chomsky​​

While we must commit ourselves to non-violent dissidence, we must never, ever submit to the machinations of those in power who will attempt to strip us of their rights, freedoms, living-wage jobs and money. We must vigilantly be an ever-present "thorn in their flesh" reminding them that everyone has value and is worthy of a good life.

That being said, I believe there will be consequential violence administered by a militarized police force at every step we take to correct the inequalities and injustices.

An extraordinary number of high-ranking military officers are being put together in Donald Trump's cabinet. In fact, it's looking more and more like a military junta in Central or South America. Placing the Defense Department, who oversees the massive U.S. war machine, and Homeland Security, who is heading the ever-increasing militarization of local law enforcement agencies, under the direction of two recently retired Marine Corps generals should cause us alarm ... great alarm.

Are we, in the U.S., about to be under the rule of a government that views war on foreign lands and repression of dissent at home as a coordinated military task?

Time will tell.