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Violence in Turkey Linked to Nation's Support for US Militarism


Violence in Turkey Linked to Nation's Support for US Militarism

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Violence rocked Turkey on Monday, as two women reportedly opened fire on the U.S. consulate in Istanbul and a series of separate attacks throughout the country left at least eight people dead.

The incidents come amid rising tensions over Turkey's involvement in the U.S.-led fight against Islamic State militants.


Turkey dancing with the devil again. The coalition created ISIS now using ISIS as cover to take Syria away from the Syrians. Turkey is taking a big gamble by toeing the US/Israeli line for a potential piece of the pie that is Syria. Turkey is positioning itself as another beneficiary of the oil and gas pipelines to run from the golf Arabs states to the Mediterranean sea Cris-crossing Syrian landscape. But Assad is in the way and for Turkey supporting the ISIS and trying to crush the KKK will wreak havoc complicating further the prospects for the pipeline dreams.


We have never asked ourselves why terror has been directed against us. Bin Laden was clear about why, but we have never paid attention. Instead of examining cause and effect, we simply look at the effect as if it was cause-less, and then launch our planes and drones in order to eradicate the evil effect. All the effects, all the way through the chain of causality, are evil. And as Becker has said: “The urge to overcome Evil is often its father.” In other words: what goes around…comes around.


30 million Kurds should have their own nation. They were portioned out to Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran after World War I by French and British divide and conquer imperialism.

They are the only force in the region which is completely non-serctarian, and they are the only effective fighting force against head chopping ISIS.

And in northern Syria, they are instituting a co-operative commonwealth, with equality for women - unique in all Islamic countries. That Obama allows Turkey to bomb PKK Kurds in Iraq with American planes and munitions is just one more proof that the US can do nothing in the world except generate catastrophe.