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VIPS to Trump: Intel on Iran Could be Catastrophic


VIPS to Trump: Intel on Iran Could be Catastrophic

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

August 1, 2018


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

SUBJECT: Intelligence on Iran Fails the Smell Test

Mr. President:


If Millions of letters show up at the White House saying, “Trump: listen to VIPS, WE will not support you or a war with Iran,” perhaps then, the Moron-in-Chief will wake the fuck up.


Better edit that down to 3 or 4 bullet points. Trump can’t read more than that without falling asleep.


Needs to be a million tweets, the Twit-in-Chief doesn’t read anything else.


Dear McG. There’s no question in my mind of how important you and your team are for authentic journalism; but watch out! You know too well what the consequences of telling the truth to the world is (Julian A. and that other martyr).
What if “catastrophic wars” are good for business? And what if the “beast” of Revelations (13-14) aka the military-industrial complex has been given authority to rule? And what if Orwell’s prophecy that “War is Peace” has now come to pass?
But there’s hope for the world as long as truthful words are faithfully voiced–even if the power elite won’t listen.


Great thanks to these principled voices whose words should be required reading for all Americans!..problem with trump is, he will not be confused with the facts, his mind is already made-up. Worse than that, his highly-malleable mind is influenced by people with zero integrity, moral compass, or wisdom.

His advisers are depraved war-mongers and the principle driving force to prod America to attack Iran id Israel and its malignant war-criminal Netanyahu who is even more evil and devious than Bolton and pompeo, et al. Netanyahu is a malignant supremacist working for total hegemony over Palestine and surrounding nations (really any nation), who will do or say anything to destroy the last remaining (after being instrumental in the destruction of other “threats” to Israeli racist expansionism and war crimes - read: any opposition to, or criticism of, Israel).

The threat to the entire world is not Iran, but Israeli territorial ambitions and racist/supremacist mindset that considers all others as vermin to be exterminated…using the US and trump as an instrument of their madness and depravity!

NO War against Iran for Israel!! BDS!


This fine letter should be required reading for all those in the MSM. Alas, not to be. The MSM will bury this letter and keep it away from public view.


Bullet points 1-4 should all be the same:

*Obama says to bomb Iran


Agree, that’s probably the only thing that would make him pause and think.


Just because…


In a related article titled "Israel ‘caught off guard’ by Trump’s offer to meet Iran’s Rouhani" “Israel’s intelligence community was ‘struck dumb for two days’ amid fears Trump may seek to mend ties with Tehran.”

Although Rouhani has said trump is not reliable (boy-howdy, does he ever have that right!) and meeting with him would be “worthless”…well, yeah…

“US and Iranian emissaries have been holding exploratory talks since early June through Oman’s good offices without Israel’s knowledge.”

The revelation that shows the belief in Tel Aviv (almost always true) that the US is totally in their filthy racist pocket, is this comment: “Israel’s diplomatic and intelligence eyes and ears missed what was going on, because they took it for granted that the Trump administration would not embrace an initiative as far-reaching as this without letting Jerusalem know.



Unfortunately Bush was the Liar in Chief when he brought horror to Iraq and the Middle East. He reprised his role while writing his memoirs. He is still a liar and will be until he is fitted for his coffin. He deliberately started a war for no reason, a hellish miasma of death and destruction, that did not keep him or his plastic wife up at nights. Oh no, when you have no conscience you sleep well! Now the same parties with new warmongers added to the cabal are trying to do the same again. It is very long past time for the American people to lose their insouciance. If they do nothing they will suffer horrific consequences!


Excellent article. What more could a sane person need to change his mind. But then, we’re not talking about sane people. We’re talking about people who still see war as a means to an end in the age of potential nuclear annihilation…INsane.


Amen and thanks


Trump and his warmongering ilk want a catastrophic World War III. Trump himself is looking forward to brazenly declaring “You’re fired” over the victims cremated remains. They have no intention of supporting a predicted world population of 10 billion by 2050. WWIII is their answer to overpopulation.


Contractors reap $138bn from Iraq war



So the people who want wars for profit or for some advantage, give phony intelligence reports to people in or near our government officials who are potentially receptive to these ideas, especially republican partisans because they react emotionally, not rationally to information and are fear based and inclined to want to believe the worst about people that they are already predjudiced against. And then these elected and appointed rubes read these documents without questioning them, and because they lack any critical or analytical or discernment ability and are under educated about these matters, and because they want to believe that the false reports are true, or are greedy, they then choose to believe the false reports and call for immediate war. They also refuse to believe the truth that is told to them by the most truthful, reliable, serious adult thinking people in the intelligence community, so that when these people point out that the information they are believing is false and fabricated they don’t believe them or even bother to have the info that they do believe further verified? No wonder we are having so many unnecessary wars! This is insane and proof of what I always believed. At 9 AM Bush got the report that there were no WMD, and at 10 AM Bush declared war on Iraq. The war news cancelled out the news that Bush knew that there was a report saying no WMD. In the end there was no WMD. Kucinich wimped out in front of the Judiciary Committee about this, and at the time there was even more proof than what he had! Had he only known this and had more guts perhaps there would have been an investigation into Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld going to war in Iraq under false pretenses to get rich and pay off those who helped Bush’s political campaign get rich with lucrative no bid government war contracts. All the preemptive war rhetoric was a complete lie and total fabrication, just like Netanyahu’s fake intel on Iran that he is giving to Trump.

This is the war against Islam, so that Netanyahu can finally justify blowing up the Dome of the Rock Mosque and have space to rebuild Solomon’s Temple, his fondest wish is to restore the glory of Jerusalem. If this Temple is ever rebuilt and they put something called the Abomination of Desolation in there then the end times will shortly commence. This is according to Biblical prophecy, from the Book of Daniel and Revelation and the Gospel. This is an end times prophecy. These guys want to cause the end of the world so that they can see God or something! These men call themselves Christians, they are not some Islamic sect, no they are here in America and there are millions of them!? If God does show up He will be very angry at these men, God will not be pleased as they think. It says in Revelation that God will come down from heaven to destroy those men who destroy the earth. You republicans have been warned!


Bush had a good, nefarious reason; the billion $$$ war profiteering racket!


Good point!