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Viral Video Depicting Shocking Arrest of Mother Shows 'Reality of Being Black in America'


Viral Video Depicting Shocking Arrest of Mother Shows 'Reality of Being Black in America'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Highlighting the power of technology to bring injustice to light, a Texas police officer caught on cellphone video brutally arresting a black mother and her teenage daughters is now under investigation after millions of people watched the shocking encounter and voiced their outrage on the web, and on the streets.


Will some progressive show up to explain this is all just about income? Tell us how the White neighbor in the background is being treated the same as this Black family.


"Nothing to see here, folks, just keep movin' on."
* There are ten or fifteen million stories like this going on in the "Naked Country," and now We the People are to be ruled by a cretin who thinks all of this is just great, along with nuclear war and more oil pipelines (He's invested millions in them) concentration camps for Muslims (and other targets as whimsically designated).
* I suppose the KKK and the American Nazi Party will come back into prominence.
* Perhaps it is time to reread The Iron Heel by Jack London, a primer for our times.
* Black Lives Matter, all lives matter, but not to the nation we are becoming or perhaps have become. It is up to We the People to turn it around.


These black people are just engaging in "identity politics". They need to shut up and stop all this complaining about this so-called "racism" and make common cause with the far more down-trodden white working class - such this struggling, wage-earning, proud union-man cop, for example....


You may not be aware that Jack London was a pretty horrific racist against Chinese and other immigrants and also people of African ancestry. I've brought this up with a ranger at the park of London's historic home in Sonoma County; the ranger dutifully heard me out, but I don't think it went farther than that.

I was thrilled as a teen by London's "To Build a Fire." When I learned of his racism, that changed my feelings about that story; it's still a good story, but I can't just compartmentalize the story from the writer's broader impacts. When it comes to his politics, I think considering them is valuable in showing the particular mix of socialism and racism that white men like him embraced. Let's learn from that history how no "socialism" that includes racism will ever succeed. What socialism offers is part, not all, of a whole way forward.



How terribly egregious this incident is. Created by a structure of impunity for white supremacist domination, entitlement, and violence.

As I listen to the young woman so very bravely, heroically recording on her cell phone video the whole incident, as she releases a stream of vitriol at the thug in uniform publicly abusing a mother and daughter following a son's physical mistreatment, I could only feel it was right for her to express herself that way. I myself almost never even use mild "profanity," but the young woman's words are the only sanity in the brutal play of power and trauma that unfolds. Her words are her statement of the will to live and speak truth and not accept being crushed.

And in the very end of the video, her walk in triumph, her smile of survivance, in the midst of the terrible attack she and her family just sustained: that's the spirit.


So much in that video. One blow to the gut after another. The abusive and completely safe White neighbor. The mother trying to reason with armed authority that already had the White story. The 15 year old who only tried to speak with her mother. The arrest of three Black women who committed no crime but to speak truth. The White neighbor triumphant.


I was referring to The Iron Heel, which pretty much parallels what is happening today.


The reality of being black in America in many places - never call the police for help, you or a loved-one are liable or likely to wind up shot dead! Police contempt for the lives of others also applies to Latinos and poor whites, anyone that runs afoul of cops may pay the price.

The racist snot-nose skin-head pig should be fired, sued for his last freakin nickel, and criminally prosecuted to the fullest - right, dream on.................that goes for the "internal investigation" as well!

http://www.policestateusa.com/2014/james-boyd/ homeless man shot dead by cops - charges dropped, cops cleared.......................


Now just imagine this being a WHITE mother in WHITE neighborhood with a BLACK cop doing the same thing as this thug. The whites of Faux would be all over it. Where are they now?

If you are a black male, unarmed, you are 19 more times likely to be shot buy a cop, than a white, unarmed male.

American Exceptionalism !


I wrote on this shooting back when it happened. There was no excuse for it. Even if he had a knife, there was no threat to the cops. They were all armed to the teeth and standing back. They could have probably talked him down. He may well have been scared to death with all of that firepower pointed at him and an attack dog straining at its leash. What they did was just target practice. Then to react with fear of a knife in his hand as he was twitching in his death throes and putting a few rounds of beanbags into him from point blank range.
* Then stamping on his hand while saying they were still afraid of the knife. Then, of course, the obligatory handcuffing of the dead body.
* Not exactly the kind of people I'd want "protecting my civil rights."


I remember that, another legal murder by cops.


It is also true, however, that poor people, regardless of race, ethnicity or color are more likely to experience police brutality. One doesn't have to be dismissive of the fact that more police brutality is inflicted on poor people of color, namely Hispanics and Blacks to realize that poor whites, too, often get punished in an extremely brutal fashion by the cops. This latter scenario doesn't happen as often, but it does happen, nonetheless.


Yes, yes. The mother's bravery is incredible: not bowing to the officer when it's clear he is a racist who cannot recognize her and her family's humanity. The mother does exactly what every brave, nonviolent person should do--if they can muster the courage--to stand up to racism and abuse of power. She should get a medal of honor for her courage, which could have cost her her life, as I am guessing she implicitly knew.


I honestly can't blame a person of color--or anyone who has reason to fear the police will just add to the problem--for not calling the police for help. But when this brave and righteous and nonviolent mother did call for police help, and it led to all this, she demonstrated and revealed further clarity about both:
--the beautiful nature of everyday people like her standing firm in nonviolent defense of their rights, and
--the brutality of the racist policing system in the U.S.

Those are important contributions, which can't happen if people don't call the police and keep raising the expectation that they "serve and protect" everyone.


No progressive has ever claimed "this is all just about income."


Let me introduce you to DH Fabian, and to the many who dismiss "identity politics" as a distraction from the economic struggle against capitalism.

Don't be so stupid as to begin any sentence with "no progressive has ever...."


Nice of you to qualify your response with " no semi intelligent progressive". I respond to statements without guessing at or having any interest in IQ scores.


Not just cops. Also White neighbors of the same economic class.


At least someone should instruct the policeman on the meaning of the term "assault". The mom has it right.