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Viral Video of Hospital Dumping Woman Into Freezing Cold Stirs Demand for 'Medicare for All'


Viral Video of Hospital Dumping Woman Into Freezing Cold Stirs Demand for 'Medicare for All'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Attempted murder" is how one analyst described the medical center's decision to leave an incapacitated young woman at a bus stop in frigid weather


I’m past single bloody payer. That’s just an insurance program in the end. I want profit out of medical care. period.

Nationalize it as the primary utility that it actually is.


This is what this country has become. The US is the REAL “shithole” country treating their citizens in such a horrendous manner. Fucking shame on us all!


Yes, single-payer (which works really well in the countries it is used - but nevermind) is not prefect enough and we should join our friends on the right and work for its defeat!


Another reminder of what we’ve become. Beings with no humanity.


This may seem nit picky for an outrage of this scale - but can the date of the picture in this article be corrected?


What this woman needs is love, not the U$A.


“We are taking this matter very seriously, conducting a thorough review, and are evaluating the appropriate response, including the possibility of personnel action,” hospital spokeswoman Lisa Clough said in a statement.

In other words we are looking into throwing some low level employee under the bus for our getting caught in this instance, even though this policy comes from higher ups.
In other news the USA is rapidly going down the drain as its corporate oligarch owners continue to amass their abstract wealth at the expense of life itself. Fantasy has replaced reality in the USA. Capitalism is a cult of death worshipped and practiced by soulless and lifeless zombies.


This is a normal capitalist outcome where profit is more important than people.

Capitalism is the problem.


The “we” in your observation which addresses the collective societal being - and yes, I hold that societies constitute a “being”, speaks volumes to the destruction wrought by “individualism” which also provided the false narrative for “Citizens United”. That hospital is an example of the abstract business model (corporation) designed to extract value from life itself. The Psychosis of the entities that have “externalized” the costs and consequences to make maximum “profit” is on full display in the unconscionable brutality shown in the video.

NOTE: The people lowest on the profit hierarchy (the security staff) are ordered to engage in such insanity. Cannon fodder follow orders in banal externalization of a human being. Death by externalization for profit. The woman in the video IS ALL OF US. Left speechless, and to die for all intents and purposes, in an institutional abusive violation. Hippocratic oath taken by doctor is negated by the “god” of the corporation? where are we that?


Our friends on the right, such as?:


Only a shithole country allows capitalist corporations to treat their citizens this way!


welcome to Trampsylvania… :frowning_face:


The inhumane treatment of this young woman is representative of profits above people in our so-called health-care system - if you can’t pay, you are thrown-out to die -an obscenity and criminal outrage!

This criminal treatment - only one among countless that are hidden - is just one reason among many why we need universal single-payer (not for profit insurance) medicare and a not-for-profit health-care system - not a corporate profits-dominated charade of health care!

The HR676 Medicare for all bill has 120 Democratic co-sponsors including Bernie Sanders - there are sellouts including Nancy Pelosi and Sean Patrick Maloney (NY) who both refuse to sign-on to HR676.

Pelosi and Maloney also just voted with Republicans to continue warrantless email searches - ! They both should be primaried and replaced with people who will actually stand-up for something! - for the people and progressive issues!


Welcome to the U$A! Please leave your compassion at the door, as it confuses our people and is a dangerous impediment to profit-making, If you are White, Christian and Male please go to the front of the line, where you will be escorted to the VIP lounge.


damn dems no better than republithugs when it comes to healthcare for all. their votes go to the highest bidders. Why are we paying taxes for the members of this government to have good healthcare? I would prefer my tax dollars, slim though they are to go for MEDICARE FOR ALL!


I think it was Reagan who declared a reverse Brezhnev doctrine to wipe out socialism. I recall Poland fell victim to the west’s bubble gum propaganda and CIA activities to oust their socialist leader. We saw what happened to Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, East Germany and the rest of Europe has been wiped clean of any socialist remnants.
The elites in the US and Britain have for decades brain washed the citizenry to think of socialism and communism as dirty words, defame it and shame people who wish it. The big reason being their refusal to share the prosperity by participating in an economy that woks for all of us.


I am sure she dindo Nuffin!


I won’t vote for ANY politician that isn’t calling for single-payer.

Merely “electing Democrats” is a simplistic notion that allows the corporate degradation of OUR quality of life for THEIR profits to continue.


You only go to the front of the line if you have multi-millions or billions.